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Encora Launches New Generative AI Technology Practice to Accelerate Innovation Cycles for Leading-Edge Technology Companies

Encora’s Generative AI Capabilities Deliver Significant Efficiencies across Core Software Engineering, UI Design, and Quality Engineering

 Encora, a global next-gen product engineering provider, today announced the launch of its new Generative AI technology practice to drive increased productivity, higher-quality software, and better market fit for clients all around the world.

“Encora continues to spearhead the future of digital engineering by harnessing the power of Generative AI to accelerate technological innovation across the value chain,” said Anand Birje, CEO, Encora. “Our global network of experts and innovation leaders have conducted extensive trials and proofs of concept related to prompt engineering, as well as efficiency and efficacy improvements across the full software development lifecycle. These initiatives chart a definitive roadmap for consistently delivering transformative outcomes.”

Generative AI tools and models can deliver significant productivity gains throughout the Software Development Lifecycle, not limited to the development phase.  Encora has demonstrated that the disciplined application of Generative AI tools across well-structured, real-life scenarios can shorten innovation cycles, and improve product market fit, while simultaneously strengthening code quality. 

Encora’s Generative AI technology practice finds that significant performance gains may be achieved across each stage of the software development cycle:

  • Debugging & refactoring code: Up to 80% time savings
  • Writing & optimizing code, and writing unit tests: Up to 75% time savings
  • Test case automation: Up to 75% time savings
  • Bug forecasting: Up to 50% time savings
  • Landing page design: Up to 50% time savings

“Generative AI solutions focus on driving productivity, speed, and quality for our clients, while also helping them to mature their use of Generative AI across multiple business domains and workflows,” said Lalit Wadhwa, CTO, Encora. “We understand the challenges and risks of implementing Generative AI and extracting sustainable value from it. By developing proprietary training related to prompt engineering best practices, and fine-tuning Large Language Models to meet industry-specific needs, Encora is laying the foundation for differentiated client service across the value chain.”