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Leading Experiential Marketing Platform, AnyRoad, Announces Pinpoint: New Natural Language Processing and Generative AI Feedback Assistant

AnyRoad, the leading platform for data-driven experiential marketing, today announced Pinpoint, a new AI-powered feedback assistant that helps you understand exactly what drives positive and negative brand experiences and the actions you can take to improve impact and ROI. Powered by Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Generative AI, AnyRoad’s new Pinpoint feature helps brands analyze consumer feedback, uncover trends, and adapt their brand experiences faster than ever before.

AnyRoad is the only experiential marketing solution that allows you to automatically collect, analyze, and take action on consumer feedback. The new, NLP-infused Pinpoint feature provides feedback analysis that helps brands get to the “why” more quickly and allows them to prioritize and take action on large amounts of consumer feedback. The state-of-the-art AI engine understands and interprets text feedback within seconds, allowing AnyRoad customers to proactively make improvements, rather than spending time analyzing data.

“The need for brands to build meaningful, long-term relationships with their consumers is more important now than ever. But to do this effectively, brands need to deeply understand their consumers, quickly surface trends from feedback, and take the right actions to ensure every event and experience leaves a positive, lasting impression,” said Jonathan Yaffe, CEO and cofounder of AnyRoad. “Our team built Pinpoint to address these needs, and we’re excited to bring this cutting-edge technology to our clients. It is the only experiential marketing solution that allows brands to automatically analyze and take action on consumer feedback in real time, enabling them to continuously improve and consistently provide experiences that drive real impact on brand perception and revenue.”

The key capabilities of Pinpoint include:

  • Automated feedback analysis powered by AI: State-of-the-art AI text analysis powered by GPT-3.5 performed on every piece of customer feedback as it is submitted.
  • Feedback summaries, rankings and urgency flags: Auto-generate feedback themes grouped by positive or negative sentiment, sorted by urgency, and flagged as critical when immediate action is recommended.
  • Feedback investigation and response: Filter results by date, experience, and type to quickly review customer feedback and respond to customers directly from AnyRoad.

As brands dedicate more time and resources to consumer events and experiences, AnyRoad is helping them measure and amplify the impact of their efforts by leveraging actionable insights their business desperately needs. Before AnyRoad’s foray into the market, there was no holistic solution that allowed brands investing in experiences and events to both streamline their event operations and capture consumer data. Now, AnyRoad customers are able to easily analyze consumer data to understand important insights such as brand perception and sentiment after every experience.