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Intellimize Empowers Marketers to Generate High-Converting Landing Pages in Seconds Using Generative AI

Leading experience optimization platform takes personalization to the next level with generative AI landing pages

Today, Intellimize, a leading AI experience optimization and personalization platform, proudly announces the launch of its latest feature, AI Landing Pages, an innovative feature designed to meet the ever-growing demand for personalized digital experiences.

In October 2023, Intellimize introduced Intellimize Landing Pages, empowering marketers to create personalized landing pages at scale. Building upon this success, AI Landing Pages takes personalization to new heights, providing the fastest and most efficient way to craft landing pages tailored to every persona, utilizing generative AI. Users simply select an existing page from their website to serve as a template for the new landing page, then prompt Intellimize’s powerful AI on how to adjust messaging on the page.

The AI tailors the copy based on the target audience, persona, or specific target account, ensuring brand attributes are replicated on the page. Users don’t need to compose full sentences; instead, they guide the AI with prompts for a personalized touch.

Once the AI generates a draft by rewriting text elements, users can review and refine the content. Intellimize’s Visual Editor allows for easy customization, ensuring the final output aligns perfectly with the brand’s voice and message.

“Scaling personalized landing pages has never been easier,” says Guy Yalif, Co-Founder and CEO at Intellimize. “The release of AI Landing Pages represents our commitment to providing marketers with cutting-edge tools that continue to evolve as AI technology advances.”

The release of AI Landing Pages enables customer-facing teams in sales and marketing to create sleek and personalized pages in seconds to leverage across an endless number of campaigns and use cases. AI Landing Pages empowers insightful experimentation without disrupting the base website and keeping standard marketing and branding guidelines in place.

“AI Landing Pages gives sales teams the ability to build pages for their named accounts or tier 1 ABM accounts really easily, allowing the marketing team to either review or giving sales teams full autonomy,” said Tracy Sestili, Chief Revenue Officer at Intellimize.