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Fusion Risk Management Introduces AI-powered Assistant to Help Businesses Build Resilience

Fusion Resilience Copilot™ will offer customers resilience and continuity guidance at their fingertips based on Fusion’s best-practice insights, customer program context, and public information

Fusion Risk Management, Inc. (“Fusion”), a leading provider of cloud-based operational resilience, business continuity, and risk management solutions, today unveiled Resilience Copilot™, a generative AI-powered assistant. As part of Fusion’s strategic investment in AI-powered solutions, Resilience Copilot operationalizes Fusion expertise to create an advisor within the Fusion Framework® System™ platform that enables customers to more efficiently resolve questions, gain deeper insight into incidents, and quickly act on them. Powered by years of on-the-ground experience and best practices, Resilience Copilot will enable Fusion customers to accelerate time-to-value, enhance decision-making, increase productivity, and promote proactive risk management and dynamic continuity. As of today, Fusion is inviting customers to apply to join the beta program.

Recognizing the potential of generative AI, Resilience Copilot (also known as Fusion Copilot™) is being developed to streamline tasks through automated activities and to accelerate resilience team productivity and effectiveness. It reduces time spent on manual processes, and can quickly parse through data, assess relevant information, and provide analyses and recommendations instantly. The goal of Resilience Copilot is to empower users with quickly generated executive summaries, intelligent recommendations, and instant insights. Some ways in which Resilience Copilot is expected to accelerate resilience team initiatives include identifying gaps in an organization’s resilience posture, recommending best practice improvements, and generating executive summaries to drive support from senior leadership cross-functionally within an organization.

Resilience Copilot boosts team engagement through user-guided support within the Fusion Framework System to answer questions or make suggestions on a self-service basis. New or infrequent Fusion users can leverage the tool to effectively onboard, navigate the system, and better understand the data, adding an insightful guide to the already-intuitive platform. These new capabilities help organizations understand how they can improve resilience with intelligent recommendations based on data insights and best practices.

“Generative AI has continued to improve on technology’s ability to drive efficiency in manual processes, and agility is a critical component of risk and resilience programs,” said Eric Jackson, Chief Product Officer, Fusion Risk Management, Inc. “Customers choose Fusion not just for our platform but also for our nearly two decades of continuity and resilience program expertise. Resilience Copilot provides a streamlined approach to advisory by combining Fusion’s industry insights, customer program context, and public information, allowing consistent best practices for all enabled clients. This is the first phase of Fusion’s larger strategic investment in AI-powered solutions, demonstrating our dedication to innovating and providing purpose-built tools that help our customers build robust and dynamic resilience programs.”