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From Video Meeting to Slack: Otter app for Slack Uses AI to Bridge the Work Communications Gap

With Otter transcribing over 1 million words each minute, the Otter app for Slack streamlines meeting workflow for the tens of millions of Otter and Slack users

Today, Otter.ai announced the Otter app for Slack. Otter’s AI-powered meeting assistant transcribes over 1 million spoken words per minute, and now, with Otter’s integration with Slack, Otter users will be able to share key meeting insights into their Slack channels automatically.

Teams that use Otter for Slack will get notifications of useful meeting details before, during, and after their meetings, streamlining communication from meetings and onward to the next meeting – all within the team’s Slack channels:

  • Notify – Before the meeting, Otter shares a meeting reminder in Slack so team members can follow the meeting notes in real time, even if they’re running late.
  • Capture – During the meeting, Otter automatically writes notes in real time and captures slides from meetings, providing team members complete context of the discussion.
  • Collaborate – Teammates can highlight key takeaways and assign action items directly in the Otter notes that they can reference afterward.
  • Assign – Otter will then automatically send the assignees their action items in Slack, saving the meeting leader time from sending follow-up emails and providing detailed context.
  • Align – After the meeting, Otter automatically sends teammates the meeting notes in Slack, along with an automated summary, to keep team members (even those who missed the meeting) on the same page and to continue the conversation.

“For too long, there have been two separate modes of communication at work – using text via Slack and email and using voice in meetings via conference rooms or virtual conferencing tools like Zoom,” said Sam Liang, co-founder and CEO of Otter.ai. “Otter for Slack is the first step in unifying voice and text communication between meetings and Slack – providing conversation continuity among team members.”

It’s important to connect, recall, share, and summarize meetings to improve productivity while saving time and money. That’s why OtterPilot automatically writes meeting notes, captures meeting slides, and shares a summary with team members. Slack users can also easily access Otter AI Chat for their meetings during or after the meeting – collaborative AI intelligence that acts as a meeting participant instantly answering questions, collaborating with meeting participants, and generating content based on meeting data. Now with Otter for Slack, teams can automatically share the insights from Otter including meeting notes, summaries, and action items directly in their Slack channel.