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Forethought Introduces Autoflows, Ushers in AI-First Customer Support

End of Manual Workflows Unlocks Autonomous Agent Capabilities

Forethought, the leading generative AI for customer support, today announced Autoflows – autonomous resolution capabilities for SupportGPT. With Autoflows, Forethought is ushering in an efficient, goal-oriented, AI-first future.

Generative AI has promised to radically transform the customer support experience. In fact, today, many enterprise companies are claiming to be AI-first. Yet those same antiquated CRM-era enterprises are stuck in the old desktop and cloud era that spend hours building manual workflows that result in poor performance, negative customer experiences, and lengthy time to value. The new wave of authentic, AI-first companies are transforming the old systems of record into a system of intelligence.

“Automation over the past decade has focused heavily on rules and tasks and building manual workflows. But the manual workflow is the Achilles heel of the AI-first future,” said Deon Nicholas, CEO and Co-Founder of Forethought. “What will distinguish the old guard from the true AI-first companies is moving from automation to autonomy. Autoflows will enable support teams to build autonomous agents that deliver the best customer experience, at scale. Support teams will never have to build a manual workflow again.”

With Autoflows, customer support leaders can specify their desired issue resolution outcomes in plain, natural language instead of relying on complicated decision trees or predefined rulesets. Autoflows then use AI to accurately predict user needs, and determine the steps needed to reach those desired outcomes efficiently. This saves agents time and energy, allowing them to focus on more complex issues and move beyond simple task-oriented processes.

Autoflows open up value to the customer, to the support team and to the business:

  • Customer Experience: Autoflows provide natural customer conversations with generative AI models trained on real agent responses and CRM data.
  • Enhanced Performance: Autoflows are able to autonomously resolve customer issues and take actions according to agent guidelines, brand preferences and user prompts.
  • Time to Value: Autoflows can be written in natural language, in minutes, instead of the several days it takes to build expensive and tedious decision trees.

“We’re always looking to bring new generative AI capabilities into our customer support processes – not only to provide a better customer experience but also to maximize internal efficiency,” said Brent Pliskow, GM & VP of Customer Support at Upwork. “When replacing select manual workflows with Autoflows, we’ve seen ample amounts of time saved versus building workflows the old way, and also up to a 27% increase in customer satisfaction in these use cases.”