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Poppulo Introduces Poppulo AI, the Industry’s Only Enterprise-Grade AI Suite to Transform Communications Experiences

Poppulo AI introduces a new era for resource-challenged communications teams with intelligence, automation, and fully governed generative AI capabilities designed to boost productivity and audience engagement

Poppuloa leading communications experience software company, unveiled an expanded AI offering to provide intelligent assistance for communicators and content creators. Embedded into Poppulo’s Harmony platform, Poppulo AI streamlines communication workflows, elevates audience engagement, and boosts productivity across all communications channels by harnessing intelligent insights and automation.

Poppulo AI sets a new standard for intelligent content creation, expert recommendations, and data-driven insights. By utilizing employee behavioral data, Poppulo AI enables communicators to identify content themes and gain insights into audience engagement. These insights improve content creation, creating an intelligent publishing engine that automates workflow elements and boosts productivity and engagement.

“We’re excited to unveil our next-gen AI platform that continues to push the boundary in delivering highly impactful communications experiences,” said David Levin, CEO, Poppulo. “Time and resource constraints are top challenges for communications and marketing teams, and we designed Poppulo AI to drive new levels of productivity with an enterprise-grade solution that harmonizes employee communications and customer experience without compromising creativity, design, and authenticity. And we’re just getting started.”

Poppulo AI innovations include:

  • AI Content Assist harnesses generative AI for quick copy polishing and captivating headline generation. This feature fine-tunes content, aligns tone with brand guidelines, and automatically crafts engaging titles and mobile notifications, all backed by responsible AI principles and Microsoft Azure for enterprise-level security and privacy.
  • AI Recommendations streamlines content creation by recommending the best-performing template formats, autogenerating media assets, and dynamically optimizing and formatting text across communication channels.
  • AI Content Insights employs natural language processing (NLP) to identify messaging themes in internal communications, providing insights into widespread topics and variations in employee engagement by theme.
  • Automatic Language Translations easily enable employees to read communications in their language of choice for better understanding and impact while bringing time savings and productivity gains for communicators needing to reach audiences in multiple languages. without requiring organizations to spend time and money on manual translations.

Poppulo’s approach to security and privacy provides a strategic advantage to its enterprise customer base who can now empower their employees to use AI in a fully governed context.

“One reason enterprise organizations choose to partner with Poppulo is our proven approach to delivering on their security and governance needs. We built Poppulo AI to deliver to the enterprise the most secure, responsible, and governance-backed AI technology to enhance overall communication,” said Abhi Anantharaman, CTO, Poppulo.