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Evalueserve Debuts New Generative AI Capabilities to Power Next-Generation Solutions

Their AIRA platform harnesses generative AI to produce insights at scale.

Evalueserve, a global leader in AI-enabled analytics and intelligence solutions, announced today that it is integrating generative AI capabilities into its industry-leading products and services. This enhancement will facilitate more efficient, data-driven decision-making and revolutionize client experiences.

Evalueserve has long been a recognized pioneer in leveraging AI-enabled solutions to enhance and accelerate decision-making throughout enterprises. The company’s innovative products and solutions have received accolades from leading analysts such as Forrester and Chartis.

Evalueserve has taken a domain-specific approach to generative AI, training the large language models (LLMs) used in its products and accelerators for each client’s particular industry and use case. This domain specificity enables the AI to interpret prompts within the industry context, mine curated datasets for the desired answers, and present better answers.

The new generative AI capabilities Evalueserve has deployed for clients include:

  • A research bot – generates highly accurate, relevant, and tailored insights. The chatbot cites its sources and improves its data retrieval capacity with each interaction.
  • An analytics virtual assistant – pulls business intelligence and analytics insights using a conversational interface. The assistant has dual integrations with LLMs and databases to ensure numerical and computational accuracy.
  • Report generation – generates structured reports, like patent landscapes, after augmenting key areas of the value chain for gathering, processing, and analyzing data.
  • Intelligent document processing – extracts important data from structured and unstructured documents, such as PDF, JPEG, PNG, and TIFF files, for use cases such as financial spreading.

Evalueserve’s proprietary AI for Research and Analytics platform, or AIRA, powers these capabilities. AIRA offers a wide set of domain-specific AI components that Evalueserve solution architects reuse to configure client-specific solutions, integrate seamlessly within a business’ existing environment, and quickly scale up new technologies like generative AI. This modular approach delivers an unparalleled, AI-driven experience.

“Our new generative AI capabilities reflect our dedication to continuous innovation,” said Rigvinath Chevala, Evalueserve’s chief technology officer. “By combining this transformative technology with our expertise, we are providing our clients with unprecedented access to business-critical information and insights, driving their success in an increasingly data-driven world.”