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e-Core launches Orbit AI to boost business efficiency using artificial intelligence

e-Core, a leading technology services partner specializing in digital transformation, today unveiled Orbit AI—a strategic approach to harnessing artificial intelligence (AI), aiming to drive business expansion and boost productivity.

“We envision businesses reaching unprecedented heights of innovation and success powered by the limitless potential of AI. Orbit AI isn’t just about embracing technology; it’s about embracing the future and pioneering a path to excellence that propels us all forward,” says Vinicius Pinheiro, Managing Partner at e-Core.

Orbit AI consists of two core verticals: Catalyst, an initiative designed to enhance the productivity of digital services and expedite project delivery times by empowering e-Core’s team with AI Agents, and Impact, which focuses on delivering projects involving Machine Learning, Data & Analytics, and generative AI.

Since implementing Orbit AI Catalyst in June, e-Core has realized remarkable results. “Our squads have achieved significant milestones, experiencing a phenomenal increase of up to 55% in code delivery speed and a 43% increase in overall productivity. These gains validate our commitment to embracing cutting-edge technologies and underscore our dedication to driving efficiency and excellence across the board,” says Marcio Silveira, CEO at e-Core.

According to McKinsey, an approximate 20% increase in profit is linked to AI adoption, further reinforcing the importance of embracing AI for businesses.

“Many companies are looking to increase their investment in AI, which is a positive move, but they do so without a clear corporate strategy. Before embarking on an AI project, it’s crucial to have clarity on the problem that needs to be solved or the opportunity to be pursued,” says Pinheiro. “That’s why we’ve created Orbit AI, to facilitate enterprises’ transition to the AI era by providing a foundation of strategy, efficiency, reliability and security.”