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DataStax First to Tap Generative AI to Streamline Data Pipelines

New GPT Schema Translator for Astra Streaming Simplifies the Integration, Transformation, and Interoperability of Event Data for Use in Diverse, Real-time Applications

DataStax, the real-time AI company, today announced a new, GPT-based schema translator in its Astra Streaming cloud service that uses generative AI to efficiently and accurately transfer data between systems with different data structures within an enterprise. An industry first, the new Astra Streaming GPT Schema Translator automatically generates “schema mappings,” a traditionally difficult and time-consuming process when building and maintaining event streaming pipelines.

DataStax Astra Streaming is an advanced, fully-managed messaging and event streaming service built on Apache Pulsar™. It enables companies to stream real-time data at scale, delivering applications with massive throughput, low latency, and elastic scalability from any cloud, anywhere in the world. It is a core component of the DataStax real-time AI platform, enabling companies to mobilize all of their data-in-motion for use across applications and AI systems. This data helps businesses adapt to dynamic markets and make faster, more accurate decisions driven by the most relevant data, at the optimal time.

Schema mapping enables data integration and interoperability between multiple systems and data sources – a fundamental element of any streaming data pipeline. Data mappings must be done manually – a routine issue for data engineers – via a process that is complicated, tedious, and error-prone. With the new DataStax GPT Schema Translator, the hard work of mapping is shifted from the developer to the platform, providing time and space for developers to focus on the more impactful components of their projects.

“Organizations are still identifying the role that new AI technologies, like GPT, will play in their day-to-day business functions and we’re proud to be the first to integrate this new technology into our product to significantly reduce development time and support costs,” said Chris Latimer, general manager, streaming, DataStax. “At DataStax, we’re continually innovating to develop impactful integrations and features, like the new GPT Schema Translator, to support our users and maintain our competitive edge. We’re experimenting with new technologies to address known pain points, help make developers more productive, and make businesses more effective with the help of AI.”

The new GPT Translator is available immediately, for no additional cost, as part of DataStax Astra. Initially, this capability connects event data in Astra Streaming to Astra DB to simplify streaming pipelines and data integration processes, with further connections to come.