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Centific and Telaid Partner to Bring AI and Computer Vision to Retail

AI-Powered Computer Vision Meets Deployment Expertise for Retail and QSR Innovation

Centific, a global provider of AI and data services, has announced its partnership with Telaid, a North American technology integrator, to bring transformative AI and computer vision solutions to retail and quick-service restaurant (QSR) environments. Effective immediately, Telaid will add Centific’s Pitaya.AI computer vision platform to the portfolio of solutions Telaid brings to its customers as experts in in-store retail and QSR technology.

This partnership comes at a time when retail and QSR establishments are struggling to respond to post-COVID challenges to safety, shrink, and inflation. “Pitaya.AI addresses common retail challenges by enabling businesses to leverage new or existing hardware to its fullest potential,” said Jagadish Garimella, Head of Retail and CPG Solutions at Centific. “With Pitaya.AI, even the simplest CCTV or self-checkout cameras become advanced internal audit systems complete with behavioral anomaly detection and real-time alerts.”

This partnership will serve the whole of Telaid’s North American client base. The focus will be on enhancing the employee experience and improving operational efficiency through innovative technology. Telaid’s expertise in accelerating technology integration and providing boots-on-the-ground, Day 2 services will help to bring the advanced, digital capabilities of Centific’s Pitaya.AI into the physical world—thereby offering a robust solution that both identifies and improves the dynamics of physical spaces in real-time.

Travis Harjula, Director of Enterprise Accounts and Emerging Technologies at Telaid, stated, “This partnership represents a pivotal moment for Telaid as we harness the potential of AI and computer vision to revolutionize the industry. We’re not just accelerating technology integration; we’re laying the groundwork for a future where every technological investment unlocks unprecedented value for our clients and an enhanced experience for their employees.”

At the core of this partnership is a dedication to quality of life (QOL) improvements for retail and QSR workforces. By monitoring inventory levels, identifying potential threats, and providing actionable insights, Pitaya.AI frees up employees to focus on delivering exceptional customer service, fostering a more efficient, more enjoyable, and safer work environment.

The integration of sophisticated AI with existing hardware promises a greater return on investment, as businesses gain the ability to extract more value and utility from their current technology investments. Not only can this result in greater safety for both employees and customers, but it can also lead to cost savings that can be passed on to shoppers.

Looking forward, Telaid and Centific are committed to the ongoing development and enhancement of the Pitaya.AI platform’s AI and computer vision capabilities. Interested parties are invited to join both companies at the upcoming NRF conference to explore the future of this dynamic partnership.