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CallRail Labs introduces new AI-powered solutions to bolster marketing performance

Demonstrating continuous innovation, new capabilities automatically uncover actionable insights from conversations

Today, CallRail, the AI-powered lead intelligence platform, announced three brand new features from its innovation program, CallRail Labs.

“Our new releases extract simple, practical, yet incredibly valuable, information to give CallRail customers another layer of business understanding without significant investment in time, talent, or other costly resources – it’s all AI-powered,” said Sean McCrohan, Vice President of Technology and leader of CallRail Labs. “Our conversational AI pulls and aggregates the previously undiscoverable customer insights from calls that allows businesses to increase impact to both top line growth and bottom line cost savings. We appreciate our curious customers that join us in testing and innovation.”

New CallRail Labs capabilities:

  • Automatically identify questions frequently asked on calls to inform SEO, keyword strategy and marketing messaging. For example, if leads continually ask about a service a business does not offer, the business knows to evaluate their website messaging and keyword bidding strategy to ensure they’re driving calls that are a good fit. Alternatively, they might decide to change their offerings to meet the demand of the leads.
  • Capture personal details and preferences of callers automatically, which can be used to support future relationship building and form deeper connections between brands and customers. Small details such as remembering a customer’s birthday or an upcoming life event can build unwavering trust and brand loyalty. This feature surfaces those personal details instantly with a click of a button and, through CallRail’s extensive partner ecosystem, will allow businesses to surface those details in their CRM.
  • Leverage AI to generate thoughtful, concise text and email messages after a call has ended, which assures the customer that you captured the most important information from the call or further clarifies needs. Having a timely follow up is critical to building customer relationships, as it ensures they know their needs or questions were heard. With this release, the follow up message is generated automatically with AI, increasing lead conversion while saving agents countless hours of work.

“We need technology that has really dug their heels into the AI and is making advances on the fly,” said Tom Gonzales, Operations Strategist at Ohana Dental Implant Centers. “CallRail is just ahead of the game, and the Labs features are adding a tremendous amount of value.”

CallRail Labs is the first of its kind rapid innovation program in the call analytics space. Today’s announcement is the newest addition to CallRail Labs, which released three new capabilities just last month. Currently, CallRail Labs capabilities are exclusively available to customers with Premium Conversation Intelligence™, inviting them to influence the company’s use of voice AI via early access to the newest features. CallRail’s Conversation Intelligence® continues to increase reliability and accuracy, boasting a large language model based on more than 1.1M hours of voice data.