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BrightEdge Generative Parser™ Identifies and Detects Patterns in New AI Search Experiences

Findings Include that over 84% of Search Queries are Impacted by Google SGE

BrightEdge, the global leader in organic search, content, and digital marketing automation, is previewing findings from its new ground-breaking technology that interacts with and understands where search engines such as Google are experimenting with AI as part of its Search Generative Experiences (SGE). BrightEdge Generative Parser™ (BGP) represents the next generation of parsing technology that is totally unique to the industry.

Over the last 15 years, several critical shifts in search results have occurred. It has evolved from ten traditional blue links to universal and visual, and now to AI-generated results.

In lockstep, BrightEdge has always invested heavily in new technologies to help marketers stay and adapt to these changes. From Share of Voice, blended rank, and visual parsing, its engineering teams have built solutions based on a prime directive to help marketers stay informed and be prepared for what lies ahead in the search industry.

Over the last year, Google’s experimentation with AI in its search results has been incredibly prolific, with formats and results changing daily in preparation for what will be a major algorithm update.

BrightEdge has been monitoring these changes thanks to BrightEdge Generative Parser™, that interacts with and understands where search engines like Google are experimenting with AI. It measures and tracks patterns in AI-generated results daily

This capability in BrightEdge Labs is in an early development phase and is already delivering groundbreaking insights on new Search Generative Experiences. BrightEdge is sharing some of these findings with the community in The Ultimate SGE Guide to ensure marketers are prepared for these changes.

Findings included in the Guide show:

  • 84% of search queries on Google are impacted by SGE.
  • What do new search experiences look like, and which key SGE states are most represented.
  • How Google provides multiple intent-based results to meet users’ needs and wants.
  • Where Google is creating more immersive experiences and exercising caution in areas such as Your Money Your Life (YMYL).
  • Where and how 22 critical new content formats are being represented.
  • What new product formats and views are being tested, and how they appear.

You can access the full findings online in the Ultimate Guide to SGE here.

Over the last six months, BrightEdge has been building heavily on its core AI foundations, bringing new innovations to the forefront of the market on a monthly cadence. The recent launches of BrightEdge Copilot and Copilot for Content Advisor have already allowed over 90% of customers to improve their productivity significantly.

The introduction of BrightEdge Generative Parser will further fuel platform innovation and its customers’ success into the new year and beyond.