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Blattner Tech Acquires Global Footprints, Inc. to Expand Its Data Integration Capabilities

Blattner Tech, the leading global provider of Predictive Transformation services and tools in the Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning industry, has announced its acquisition of Global Footprints, Inc. This strategic move is aimed at offering end-to-end solutions to customers, encompassing data acquisition, reporting, predictive and preemptive analytics.

Global Footprints, Inc. is widely recognized in the industry for its global integration solutions that connect services, applications, and data stores, enabling companies to streamline data flows and enhance operational efficiency. The acquisition will enable Blattner Tech to leverage Global Footprints’ integration tools and services, facilitating large-scale, complex data migrations required for Machine Learning models and helping organizations achieve their Artificial Intelligence objectives.

“We are thrilled to announce the acquisition of Global Footprints, Inc.,” said Russ Blattner, the CEO of Blattner Technologies. “This acquisition expands our range of transformation services and allows us to provide additional integration solutions to our clients. Our commitment is to deliver the best solutions possible, and we are excited to leverage Global Footprints’ expertise and experience to accomplish this.”

Juan Grobler, CEO of Global Footprints stated, “With our integration tools combined with Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning capabilities, we can easily connect to multiple data sources as part of an extract, transform, and load process or a larger enterprise AI/ML initiative. This empowers organizations to gain new insights from their data.” 

Through this acquisition and a series of others, Blattner Tech solidifies its position as a leading provider of predictive transformation, empowering businesses to unlock new innovations from concept to completion, increase revenue and improve their bottom line.