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Babel Street Launches AI Modules Powered by Rosette Text Analytics for Intuitive, Data-Driven Decisions

Streamlined modules transform complex data processes, offering unprecedented efficiency, automation, and transparency of high-stakes decision-making.

Babel Street, the world’s leading technology partner for advanced identity intelligence and risk operations, today unveiled its latest AI modules powered by Rosette® Text Analytics. Babel Street acquired Rosette in December 2022, further solidifying the company’s commitment to leading-edge AI solutions for threat, identity, and enterprise intelligence. Designed for an optimized user experience, these modules empower organizations with enhanced decision-making tools.

In today’s hyper-digital world, organizations are caught between the immense volume of data leading to escalating identity and risk threats and the resources available to mitigate these risks. Recognizing this “Risk-Confidence Gap,” Babel Street’s new feature modules offer streamlined pathways to meet goals, enabling customers to close the gap and use this growing global data as a competitive advantage.

Aligned with the company’s vision to revolutionize high-stakes decision-making, the AI-Modules powered by Rosette Text Analytics represent a significant step toward a future where data-driven decisions are intuitive, transparent, and insightful, leading to a safer and more efficient world. The four feature modules include:

  • Match Identity: offers capabilities to match and transliterate entities, including names, organizations, and other data fields, with precision and accuracy, also enabling configuration and fine-tuning
  • Analyze Language: enables identification of languages, words, sentences, lemmas, and parts of speech, ultimately facilitating comprehensive language analysis
  • Extract and Link Information: empowers users to discover and link information, plus custom train models to gather relevant information
  • Interpret Content: assists users in extracting essential information, understanding semantics, sentiments, and topics within the analyzed content

Babel Street improves decision-making speed and accuracy through these modules by redefining how organizations and businesses harness data, mitigate risks, and enable a strategic advantage to close the Risk-Confidence Gap.

Using Rosette tremendously increased our efficiency in aggregating and matching data,” said Artem Sentsov, CTO of ClearPic. “Previously, handling large amounts of data was a tedious task; however, with Rosette, the process has become more efficient and intelligent.”

As Babel Street continues to lead the way in advanced identity intelligence and risk operations, its focus remains on providing tools and resources that can make a tangible difference for its clients.

“Organization leaders ultimately want peace of mind when it comes to decision-making for high-stakes situations in today’s complex, data-driven world,” said Catherine Havasi, Chief of Innovation and Technology Strategy at Babel Street. “Our new AI-powered modules simplify the intricacies and experience of the decision-making process and enhance decision-making power with full transparency and explainability. This empowers our customers to operate with unprecedented efficiency, foresight, and security.”