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AI21 Labs delivers AI21 Studio LLMs through Google Cloud Marketplace

AI21 Labs’ service gives customers the ability to purchase and swiftly deploy its LLMs, which features the industry’s most up-to-date data, on Google Cloud.

AI21Labs, a leader in generative AI and Large Language Models, today announced its availability on Google Cloud Marketplace, providing customers with access to AI21 Studio, a platform that provides API access to AI21 Labs’ best-in-class proprietary large language models, enabling developers to build applications powered by generative AI.

Google Cloud Marketplace lets users quickly deploy functional software packages that run on Google Cloud. Google Cloud Marketplace allows customers to easily start up a familiar software package with services like Compute Engine or Cloud Storage, with no manual configuration required.

AI21 Studio boasts one of the world’s most sophisticated Large Language Models (LLMs) and has unparalleled capabilities within the language-generating sector. It can generate high-quality coherent, contextualized human-like text with adaptive styles in several languages.

Its complex language understanding abilities allow it to extract information from large amounts of unorganized data, which, when leveraged, can help enterprises analyze and structure their data to derive valuable insights.

AI21 Studio can help create a massive variety of text-based applications and has been utilized by many leading corporations. Its Jurassic LLMs and task-specific models allow for highly specialized and fine-tuned applications. For example, many clients use the LLMs for data augmentation. Instead of manually inputting script variants for a chatbot or customized product details, the LLMs can suggest thousands of variants that the writers can approve or dismiss.

“Our software is already easy to use, with ground-breaking tools like source citing, AI content automation, and effortless customization,” said Ori Goshen, Co-founder and Co-CEO of AI21 Labs. “We aim to build the most user-friendly and accessible LLMs possible and are taking another step towards achieving that goal by listing our platform on Google Marketplace as well as introducing a flexible usage-based pricing model.”