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Ziflow announces AI-powered collaboration via a new generative chatbot

ZiflowAI puts artificial intelligence in the heart of the creative review and approval process

Ziflow, the enterprise creative workflow platform for centralizing feedback on any creative asset using any device, announced today the release of ZiflowAI, an AI-powered chatbot built inside of their award-winning software. The industry leader in the creative collaboration space, Ziflow is the first to market with such a feature, meant to inspire teams and drive a creative process forward in an entirely new way.

“The feedback delivered during a creative review is often limited to the review team’s own lived experiences and imaginations,” said Anthony Welgemoed, co-founder and CEO of Ziflow. “ZiflowAI is based on a language model trained on a vast collection of data from all over the internet. So by inviting an AI-powered chatbot into your review process, you could increase the creativity levels within that project by a factor of magnitude.”

ZiflowAI has a variety of potential use cases, and starting today, enterprise customers can use the chatbot to:

Get copy suggestions: Reviewers can query the chatbot for suggestions on how to improve the written aspects of the project. For example, a user could ask for alternative headlines, subheadings, and body copy if new ideas are needed or new options should be shown to the review team.

Get design suggestions: Not every team will have a person who can explain their vision to a designer in a way that would lead to a desired outcome. Powered by generative AI, Ziflow’s new chatbot can provide helpful, conversational ideas as to how version 2 could look, or simply deliver feedback to make the existing version demonstrably better after the next round of edits.

Suggest visuals: Just as they can with copy and text elements, reviewers can query ZiflowAI to suggest visuals for their content, such as images, videos, or infographics. And in the future, the chatbot could automatically analyze the content within the proof and suggest visuals that are relevant and visually appealing.

Despite being first-to-market with AI-powered collaboration, Ziflow doesn’t intend to slow down. “I believe that ZiflowAI is very much in version 1.0,” continued Welgemoed. “Image and text recognition, quality control, sentiment analysis, topic and keyword suggestions, and automated fact checking are all areas where we’ll look to make in-roads in 2023. From a creative collaboration and workflow perspective, the sky is truly the limit for a tool like ZiflowAI.”

The ZiflowAI release comes hot on the heels of Ziflow’s $20 million Series A funding round announced in February 2023. “It’s only been a few weeks since our Series A investment came through, and we’re already putting it to good use,” concluded Welgemoed. “We were given a mandate to disrupt the very nature of creative workflow, and with today’s announcement of ZiflowAI, we believe we’re off to a great start.”

Ziflow is the industry-leading creative workflow platform, empowering agencies and brands to deliver exceptional creative work by streamlining feedback on any creative asset from concept to completion. With thousands of customers all over the world including Showtime, McCann Worldgroup, AWS, Weber, Specialized and Dupont, Ziflow has been recognized as best-in-class by user and peer review sites like TrustRadius, G2, and Capterra.

Founded in 2016 by the team behind ProofHQ (acquired by Workfront in 2015, which was acquired by Adobe in 2020) and backed by investment from the likes of Riverside Acceleration Capital (RAC) and Companyon Ventures, Ziflow builds cutting-edge creative technology that drives measurable results for marketing and creative teams of any size.