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Zenarate Expands its AI Coach Language Capabilities to 79, the Most in the Industry, and Adds New Agent Feedback Reporting for AI Simulation Training

Global brands now have unparalleled language support to improve customer loyalty and agent training

Zenarate, the leading AI Simulation Training platform for customer-facing agents, today announced a significant expansion in its language capabilities along with new “Deep Insights” reporting for improved agent feedback. The company’s AI Coach platform now supports 79 languages, the most options in the industry. With new language support and agent intelligence, Zenarate continues to innovate breakthrough capabilities to allow globally distributed teams to train in their native languages and improve agent proficiency and performance.

“At Zenarate, we continue to innovate and add more capabilities to our AI Coach platform to help global brands develop top-performing agents,” said¬†Brian Tuite, CEO of Zenarate. “Our mission is to help customers provide exceptional customer care through human-to-human engagement. By supporting training in local languages, we empower agents to deliver a superior customer experience, ultimately improving CSAT scores and call outcomes.”

Zenarate AI Coach is the “flight simulator” for customer service agents. In training, agents are immersed in life-like conversations, screen, and chat simulations to master high-impact topics they will face with live customers. It enables agents to improve their skills, speed, and confidence in customer engagement. With added native language support, contact center leaders can extend the reach of AI Simulation Training and deliver a superior training experience without needing costly translation of their learning curriculum.

The addition of expanded language support is significant for global brands. With Zenarate, they can eliminate language barriers that had hindered the training process and deliver personalized service in customers’ native language to please customers. The company and its customers recognize that human engagement remains the cornerstone of outstanding customer service despite advances in automation tools. Zenarate AI Coach harnesses the power of artificial intelligence in the service of agents and representatives to help them handle complex issues and meet increasingly demanding customer expectations.

In addition to the language expansion, Zenarate released a major update to its reporting solution, including “Deep Insights.” The feature allows training leaders to mouse over a student session in the report table and zoom into the transcript to reveal deeper insights and analysis for continuous improvement. It also has updated its AI Coach Student Interface UI/UX to enhance and streamline the learner’s experience.