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Wpromote Launches Meta Creative Accelerator, First-to-Market App Unlocking AI-Powered Creative Performance

Wpromote is releasing Creative Accelerator, a new proprietary app in Wpromote’s proprietary marketing intelligence platform, Polaris. The new app unlocks a first-to-market advantage exclusive to Wpromote clients: a one-of-a-kind solution testing new creative themes against broad audiences on Meta that marketers can then scale to drive significant performance improvements.

Wpromote’s VP of Social, Darren D’Altorio, explained that “Creative diversification is critical to winning on social today as data deprecation makes granular digital targeting obsolete. Our product teams built Creative Accelerator to make it easier for our social experts to lean into Meta’s algorithm so it can match the right people with the most relevant ads, all while generating priceless learnings in real time that we can apply across the entire creative strategy.”

With one click, the agency’s paid social buyers can use Creative Accelerator to launch campaigns in Meta Ads for a 10-14 day test that maximizes broad targeting and identifies the ads that have the highest propensity to outperform account conversion rates. The winning creative can then be deployed to scale new customer acquisition in the platform. The beta test of the tool has rolled out across 80+ brands, generated an average ROAS lift of 91% across conversion lift studies, and is now available to all Wpromote clients.

Kimberly Trembearth, Director of Growth Marketing for Free Fly, one of the clients currently leveraging Creative Accelerator, noted that “Our Wpromote team uses Creative Accelerator to test diverse creative themes that can then move into evergreen campaigns, which is critical to driving performance and scale on Meta. But the app also gives us a long-term advantage because it produces actionable insights that power the continued evolution of our brand-led creative pipeline.”

Creative Accelerator was designed to work in tandem with Creative Insights, another Polaris app that reports on ad-level performance in Meta, isolating and tracking client performance gains driven by Creative Accelerator.

Tom Hammel, Wpromote’s SVP of Product and Data Strategy, provided more details about future app development in Polaris, saying “We use Polaris’ robust omnichannel data foundation to leverage machine learning and AI to build incredible tools like Creative Accelerator, which gives brands a significant edge because competitors are still largely reliant on inefficient, less effective iterative testing. We build Polaris apps to bridge gaps in the market, so our clients get the maximum benefit of both granular and aggregate insights that can take them to the next level creatively and keep them agile in a fast-changing market—then reap the results of that intelligence in real business impact.”

Wpromote’s experts incorporate thematic learnings about value prop, tone, and feel from Creative Accelerator into a portable testing framework that informs decisions across the entire creative strategy and every platform, including TV. The Wpromote product team will be expanding Creative Insights reporting across all social, programmatic, and video media platforms to drive omnichannel creative testing recommendations in the near future.