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Work Less, Optimize Your Career And Say Goodbye to the 5 Day Work Week: The Mindvalley AI Summit Brings The Best in Tech Under One Roof

Gain insights, strategic guidance and a roadmap to integrate AI powerfully into business.

Mindvalley, the leading learning platform for personal transformation and business growth, is hosting a massive online AI Summit from July 14-16, streaming live from the Silicon Valley of Europe. The summit will feature 12 hours of expert-led seminars on real-world applications including natural language processing, no-code, and image AI, all with the goal of reducing work week hours and optimizing businesses. The summit is free to attend and will be held in-person and virtually July 14-16 from 8-11 am ET.

With a recent report from the World Economic Forum projecting that 44% of workers’ skills will face disruption in the next five years, it has become paramount for individuals to enhance their abilities and adapt to the evolving work landscape. Mindvalley is proud to be at the forefront of this revolution, helping entrepreneurs and motivated learners navigate and leverage AI-powered automation for significant time and cost savings.

“AI is transforming the way we live, work and interact, revolutionizing the speed and efficiency with which individuals, entrepreneurs and business executives can manage and run their companies. However, many currently lack the understanding of how to leverage these tools and fear that they are at risk of being replaced by AI,” said Vishen, Mindvalley’s Founder and CEO. “Instead, they should be focused on upleveling their skills so they aren’t replaced by someone who can effectively use AI.”

Esteemed speakers at the summit include award-winning authors, published scientists, Tedx speakers, billionaire founders and AI experts who will cover topics from leveraging AI to optimize business strategies, to understanding the intersection of creativity and AI, to gaining a competitive edge in the digital age. The AI Summit will also explore the practical aspects of AI, including its applications in hiring, coding for non-coders, and building AI-powered apps which enable businesses to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives, with rapid prototyping, agile development, and seamless integration of AI-driven functionalities.