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Wondershare VirtuLook: The Revolutionary AI Image Generator for SMBs and Ecommerce Owners

Wondershare has introduced VirtuLook, a revolutionary AI product set to transform how small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and ecommerce owners create product images. VirtuLook employs cutting-edge AI technology to offer SMBs and ecommerce owners an uncomplicated, efficient, and high-quality solution for their product image requirements. Through the power of artificial intelligence, VirtuLook supports real-life model image generation, and facilitates the seamless integration of products into attractive backgrounds, resulting in visually captivating images that attract customers and enhance conversion rates.

VirtuLook is a web-based product designed in a workstation format. Users can upload product images, remove backgrounds while preserving product styles, select models and backgrounds, and generate images using this creative AI-powered tool for crafting product display images.

Key Features of VirtuLook:

  1. Real-Life Model Image Generation: VirtuLook allows users to create virtual model try-on effect images, enabling them to present their clothing products in a realistic and engaging manner. With a wide array of indoor and outdoor backgrounds available, including photography studios, streets, and living rooms etc., VirtuLook ensures each product image stands out.
  2. Still-Life Product Generation: In addition to model images, VirtuLook also provides the option for creating pure product photography images. Users can choose from a variety of backgrounds that complement their product’s intended use and promotional themes, resulting in visually compelling images that showcase the product’s features.
  3. One-Stop Ecommerce Image Generation: VirtuLook streamlines the image generation process with its user-friendly interface. Through four simple steps – uploading the original product image, performing product detail cutout, configuring generation card options (model/scene), and clicking generate – users can swiftly generate numerous high-quality images. VirtuLook’s low learning curve ensures that even individuals with limited technical expertise can effortlessly produce professional-grade visuals.

The launch of VirtuLook marks a significant milestone in AI-powered image generation. By providing SMBs and ecommerce owners with an accessible and innovative tool, VirtuLook empowers businesses to effectively showcase their products, drive sales, and maintain a competitive edge.

Nicole Yu, VirtuLook’s Product Director, commented, “VirtuLook delivers eCommerce professionals a straightforward, efficient, and top-notch AI product image generation service. With VirtuLook, businesses can now craft captivating visuals that resonate with their target audience and bolster revenue growth.”

Compatibility and Pricing

VirtuLook is now accessible to individuals and businesses. Pricing options commence at $39.99 per month and $399.99 per year for individual users, while competitive annual plans begin at $499.99 for teams and businesses. These pricing options offer users both flexibility and affordability.