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Wherobots Announces the Availability of SedonaDB and Wherobots Cloud

Scalable open-source spatial database and analytics and AI cloud platform enables organizations to connect enterprise data to the physical world using spatial analytics

Wherobots, the developer of a category-defining, scalable spatial database engine in the cloud, today announced the availability of SedonaDB, a scalable open source spatial analytics database engine, and Wherobots Cloud, a spatial analytics and AI cloud platform. Unlike existing generic database platforms, SedonaDB connects enterprise data to the real physical world using spatial analytics that enables users to easily develop, test, and deploy geospatial data analytics and AI pipeline within the user’s existing data stack.

The company works with organizations across industry sectors including insurance, logistics and planning, automotive, climate tech and more, to help them put the massive amounts of data they collect into the right context so they can better understand it and extract valuable insights from it.

Arity, founded by The Allstate Corporation in 2016, is a data and analytics company focused on improving transportation. The company uses SedonaDB to manage large-scale spatial data analytics pipelines to collect and analyze enormous amounts of data, using predictive analytics to build solutions with a single goal in mind: to make transportation smarter, safer, and more useful for its customers.

“Adding the spatial analytics angle to enterprise data makes it easier for customers to get more value out of their data,” said Chris Rust, Co-founder and Partner at Clear Ventures. “Being the original creators of the open-source spatial computing engine, Apache Sedona, Mo and Jia are uniquely qualified to help organizations drive real value from data via space and time.”

“97% of enterprise data remains unused, and Wherobots is here to change that,” said Mo Sarwat, Co-founder and CEO of Wherobots. “We are enabling organizations owning data to better understand and make sense of it so they can pull valuable intelligence from it. We solve this problem using the power of spatial analytics and AI.”