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Vurbil Delivers AI Technology to Transform Social Media

New platform delivers a disruptive approach to social media with novel features such as live video debating and video commenting

Vurbil, the newest social media platform powered by patent pending Artificial Intelligence (AI), made its soft launch debut in app stores this week. Vurbil is the world’s first social media platform that allows users to respond to posts via video commenting and engage in live debates. AI technology provides a moderated debate structure that provides users a space for conversation over confrontation.

“We developed Vurbil in response to frustration about the current social media environment. Our next generation social media platform encourages users to post content, ideas and opinions while taking the conversation to a new level through live video comments and debates. Our goal is to encourage civil discourse and idea sharing within a global town square space,” said Erik M. Underwood, Vurbil CEO and founder. 

“There is a new kid on the block. Based on the response thus far, it’s clear that people are very excited, and we look forward to evolving Vurbil’s features to adapt to the changing needs of how we connect and engage through social media.”

Beyond live debating, Vurbil offers traditional social media features with an innovative twist that encourages engagement and accountability among users. Some of Vurbil’s novel features and functionality include:

  • Live video commenting on Vurb posts (e.g., text, video, images, gifs, etc.)
  • Personalized content delivery driven by user-selected interest algorithm
  • User-hosted Vurbil live streams (V Live)
  • Encrypted direct messaging
  • Options to boost Vurbs, profiles or debates
  • User star rating capability to drive accountability, similar to Google and Yelp reviews

Following a successful first round of investments that enabled the Vurbil team to develop patent pending technology, Vurbil is opening a $40M Series B round of investments to expand the team to focus on product development, growing revenue streams, marketing and much more.