New GPT4-based Smart Narratives and Disinformation Detection Across More Social Media Platforms Provides Ultimate Brand Reputation Protection

 VineSight, an AI pioneer changing the way organizations combat toxicity on social media networks to protect their brands, today announces significant updates to its VineSight Reputation Management and Response (RMR) solution. With VineSight’s new GPT4-based Smart Narratives and broader social media network detection, brands will now be able to instantly and more accurately identify, alert, assess impact, and mitigate online disinformation before it goes viral. VineSight RMR 2.0 utilizes advanced AI to not only identify and alert organizations to disinformation attacks faster but also help mitigate, counter-message, takedown or label content before it damages a company’s reputation and business.

Accelerating AI advances in disinformation are making it easier than ever for bad actors to quickly disseminate mis- or disinformation and propaganda of all types, across multiple social media platforms, at scale. These toxic attacks are unpredictable and go viral within hours, amplifying false narratives and dramatically increasing reputational risk, potentially destroying in hours what brands took years to build. People can no longer discern reality from forgeries online. A well-timed nasty tweet or false post could tank an IPO, sabotage a merger, sink a contract, or hurl a company into financial free fall. Disinformation is disrupting the legitimacy of the election process, threatening democracy, and allowing extremist views to become prevalent.

Most organizations are unprepared to respond – relying on antiquated listening tools or manual keyword searches that are unable to keep up with the recent advances in AI. In addition, companies lack the advanced technologies, resources, and expertise necessary to forecast and manage toxic attacks. This cripples their ability to protect their brand, while increasing risks and destroying reputations. 

“Generative AI in the hands of bad actors allows toxic disinformation to proliferate exponentially faster than even a year ago,” said Dr. Gideon Blocq, CEO and Co-founder of VineSight. “Our generative AI technologies help brands more quickly identify and combat the viral onslaught of toxicity now amplified by these bad actors to destroy businesses and reputations. VineSight’s unique share pattern AI technology combined with GPT4 across mainstream and fringe social media platforms helps clients more quickly and accurately than ever identify, alert, understand its impact, and where possible, mitigate disinformation and toxic narratives before they go viral.”

The new VineSight RMR 2.0 includes the integration of GPT4 to recognize toxic narratives within or across multiple platforms, identifying attacks before they metastasize. Unlike traditional offerings, RMR 2.0 now also works across both mainstream platforms and lesser known yet more toxic fringe platforms, ensuring a comprehensive view of potential threat vectors. New capabilities include the following:

GPT4 Integration- New Smart Narratives Identifies Toxicity Faster

VineSight has integrated GPT4 technology to quickly digest millions of posts instantly; recognizing common threats emerging from seemingly unrelated posts to identify disinformation faster and more accurately. Called VineSight “Smart Narratives” – this method of threat detection, based on who shared what with whom and then aggregated by GPT4, is now available in the VineSight RMR 2.0 Dashboard. Enabling organizations to receive dynamic summaries of disinformation, the dashboard quickly and easily shows a complete picture of toxic narratives and threats going viral and pre-viral, real-time, as they evolve within and across social media platforms. Smart Narratives help organizations understand message virality, brand impact and potential financial loss faster and more accurately, without losing access to the details of each post that makes up a Smart Narrative.

Detects Disinformation Across the Broadest Set of Social Media Platforms

Traditional social media listening tools focus on mainstream platforms such as Twitter. Oftentimes toxic content is born on fringe networks before going viral on mainstream platforms. VineSight identifies and monitors toxic content pre-viral, across numerous fringe or alternative platforms, in addition to monitoring mainstream social media platforms. 

The VineSight Solution

VineSight’s automated, integrated 24×7 platform combines advanced, unique AI technology to provide organizations with a complete brand protection and response solution for detection, alerts, potential impact and mitigation across social media.

VineSight Toxicity Detection

Unlike other approaches, VineSight utilizes AI to analyze share patterns – who shared what with whom – rather than simply looking at the content, keywords, hashtags, or sentiment – to identify toxic disinformation. VineSight’s technology identifies toxicity across all media-types – text, video, meme’s, images, and any other form of digital content – faster and across a variety of platforms. Our solution provides graphical analysis of volumes, timelines and trends by platform, guiding organizations in recognizing a threat’s growth trajectory by social media platform, independently and in aggregate. Proprietary insights also include indices on virality, amplification multipliers, human reach vs. bot reach, views, and interactions by subject, narrative, post or account.

VineSight Disinformation Alerts

VineSight’s automated alerting capabilities provide organizations with early warning indicators of the spread of toxic narratives and provide actionable recommendations – to flag or remove bad or inaccurate content – eliminating the guesswork on virality and potential brand or financial damage.

VineSight Response & Mitigation

The VineSight platform identifies accounts exposed to a toxic attack, providing VineSight clients with the opportunity to craft appropriate messaging to counteract toxic disinformation. In addition, VineSight works with the terms of service of each social platform and where possible, get messages labeled or removed, to counteract any attacks or minimize virality.

VineSight Disinformation Research and Analysis Consulting Services

Unlike other competitive solutions, VineSight includes weekly consultation reviews of social toxicity. VineSight brings a deep understanding of the unique dynamics of each mainstream and fringe social media platform, which insight can be used for counter-messaging.