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Vbrick AI Automates Intelligent Video Delivery for ServiceNow® Workflows

Vbrick video integration with ServiceNow builds exponential growth with the Now Platform

Vbrick, the leading end-to-end enterprise video solutions provider, today announced the availability of enhanced and generative artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities for its integration with ServiceNow. Vbrick’s AI automates video delivery within ServiceNow, improving knowledge sharing, process efficiency, and employee experience. Part of ServiceNow’s founding value to make work, ‘work better’, the partnership enables Vbrick to deliver exponential value and create differentiated revenue streams through their unique solution built on the Now Platform.

ServiceNow’s expansive partner ecosystem and new partner program are critical to supporting the $500 billion market opportunity for the Now Platform and associated partner services. The revamped ServiceNow Partner Program recognizes and rewards partners for their varied expertise and experience to drive opportunities, open new markets, and help joint customers in their digital transformation efforts.

As a Registered Partner, Vbrick’s certified integration provides a centralized, secure, repository for video management and distribution and is available globally, via the Vbrick Video Connector and Vbrick Video on Demand applications in the ServiceNow Store.

When integrated with ServiceNow, Vbrick’s AI sifts through an organization’s video library to discover the most relevant content and automatically delivers it to the right person, at the right time, within the user’s business process in ServiceNow.

“Too often, organizations are not utilizing video to its full potential because they are unaware of the value their content holds,” said Paul Sparta, Vbrick Chairman and CEO. “Vbrick’s AI distills the value from an organization’s video content to transform what was previously a very manual process of discovering relevant video, into a fully automated, optimized, and user-authenticated experience within any ServiceNow Workflow.”

Streamlining IT Service Management

To illustrate the impact of this integration, consider an agent using ServiceNow IT Service Manager to address a support case. With Vbrick integrated into ServiceNow, the agent not only has access to the ticket details and related articles but is also automatically presented with an AI-curated list of relevant videos based on the ticket description.

Vbrick’s behind-the-scenes authentication process ensures the agent only sees videos for which they have permission. Each video comes with a quick, generative AI summary, transcript with timestamps indicating key moments, and metadata, providing comprehensive insights into the content’s relevance and reliability.

Efficient Problem Resolution

As the agent navigates through the curated video list, they can quickly pinpoint the exact information needed to resolve the issue at hand. Vbrick’s integration allows for Smart Search within video transcripts, facilitating a deeper understanding of the content and its context. Vbrick’s AI-powered Video Assistant enables the agent to pose specific questions about the video content, enhancing the speed and efficiency of problem resolution.

Unlocking the Value of Video with Vbrick and ServiceNow

By combining the power of Vbrick and ServiceNow, organizations can eliminate the complexity associated with managing, securing, and delivering video content within the enterprise, providing end users with intelligently curated video resources right within their known workflows, improving overall productivity, and unleashing the hidden value within their video content.

“Partnerships succeed best when we lean into our unique skills and expertise and have a clear view into the problem we’re trying to solve,” said Erica Volini, senior vice president of global partnerships at ServiceNow. Vbrick extends our reach well beyond where we can go alone and represents the legacy and goals of the Now Platform. I am thrilled to see the continued innovation we will achieve together to drive exponential growth for our joint customers.”