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Unique AI solution for more precise print media processing in media intelligence to be launched

Hypefactors is pleased to announce that the planned advanced automated solution for processing printed news (from newspapers and magazines) will be launched as planned at 31 July 2023. The unique AI program enables Hypefactors to deliver a magnitude larger print coverage than any competitor within media intelligence, and to deliver a superior solution to large enterprises with cross-border media presence.

In October 2022, Hypefactors kicked off a 10-months AI development project named ‘New Print PDF Processing Program’. The special AI effort was backed by the Innovation Fund Denmark with a grant of DKK 988,575 and was set to be finalized at the end of July 2023.

The AI development stages have been successfully completed and the AI program is confirmed to be launched as expected. It will benefit current and new clients. Hypefactors is exploring additional global business and partnership opportunities for this unique AI solution.

The AIs developed in New Print PDF Processing Program are uniquely superior for its multi-lingual and multi-modal qualities: It includes an encoder design also found in modern generative AIs like ChatGPT, and is combined with computer vision algorithms and an automated reasoning engine also found for development of safety-critical systems such as satellites. This rare mixture of technologies yields a unique technology asset whose roots stem from the project’s leader, CTO Viet Yen Nguyen’s extensive scientific background in systems design and applied AI.