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TSOLife Closes Series A Funding to Provide Senior Living Operators More Advanced Decision-Making Tools

TSOLifeInc., the only AI-based business intelligence platform that translates resident intake data into actionable insights that help communities create individualized experiences, announced today that it completed a $9 million Series A funding round. Arnie Whitman, a long-time venture investor in senior care and technology, Executive Chairman at Formation Capital and Founding Partner at Generator Ventures led the round to help accelerate the development of TSOLife’s next-generation Minerva platform. Omega Healthcare Investors, Inc. and Ziegler Link-age Fund III joined the round as well.  

TSOLife has already achieved significant milestones, partnering with some of the largest operators in the industry. “The pandemic fueled the understanding that engagement and resident experience is vital to the physical and mental health of residents and the success of a community,” said David Sawyer, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of TSOLife. “This funding round will accelerate our ability to enhance the lives of seniors by leveraging data to provide robust resident insight technology unique to TSOLife. We have a passion for bringing state-of-the-art-tech to the market, while never forgetting that our goal is to improve the lives of residents and staff.”  

TSOLife Minerva is the first-of-its kind business intelligence platform that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to transcribe resident interviews and automatically convert the information into organized, consumable data. This person-centered data fuels powerful dashboards providing staff with personal, actionable insights and saves valuable staff time.  

“TSOLife improves staff efficiency not by demanding more, but by eliminating time-consuming tasks, which is a win-win for providers,” said Katie Schmitz, Chief Administrative Officer of the Ziegler Link-age Fund III. “The platform allows staff to spend more time doing what they love – engaging with residents!” The next generation of the Minerva platform will leverage care-level-specific engagement data to help increasingly tech-savvy seniors self-select their own experience and take more control of their overall health and well-being.

“TSO is the tip of the spear in gathering social insights to improve quality of life and relationships in a unique and powerful way,” said Arnie Whitman, lead investor. “Data and AI will allow for more personalization and better social and health outcomes. Everyone talks about social determinants; TSO actually measures it!”