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transcosmos forms capital and business alliance with Cogent Labs, a company which develops & offers cutting-edge AI technologies

transcosmos inc. and Cogent Labs Inc. (Representative Director, President CEO: Eric Hideyuki Whiteway; Cogent Labs) hereby announce that the two companies have signed a capital and business alliance agreement. Leveraging cutting-edge AI technologies that Cogent Labs owns, the two companies now collaborate in expanding transcosmos’s BPO x Digital Transformation (DX) service offerings.

Given the workforce and talent shortage in recent years, there is a growing momentum towards workstyle reform and digital transformation (DX). Adopting DX to a wider range of processes brings more benefits to businesses. And so, there is also an increasing demand for services that combine DX with business process outsourcing (BPO); services that help organizations modernize, standardize and optimize their overall business processes.

Under the BPO Services Business unit, transcosmos has been offering a range of Digital BPO Services that underpin clients’ business foundation by combining BPO and information technology (IT) services. Its competitive strength lies in its ability to transform and optimize each business process by merging operational excellence and various technologies. At transcosmos, process optimization starts from digitizing all kinds of documents securely and accurately. From there, transcosmos performs decision making and data processing tasks required for each operational process on its platforms.

Cogent Labs stands out from the crowd with its ability to extract and digitize information quickly and accurately from a range of documents with the power of cutting-edge AI technologies. transcosmos has also been using SmartRead, a next-gen AI OCR service by Cogent Labs, in digitizing documents efficiently.

With this capital alliance, the two companies will combine their respective technologies and strengths and expand the service coverage, thereby serving many more clients in reinforcing their business foundation. With AI OCR services by Cogent Labs, businesses can not only digitize standard form documents, but also all kinds of non-standard documents including design drawings, as well as commercial documents such as invoices. In addition, the two companies will help clients streamline business processes and achieve DX by using the AI OCR services for automatic sorting and process management on a variety of transcosmos data platforms all designed for a specific operational process.
Together, transcosmos and Cogent Labs will provide clients with services that underpin their efforts in reinforcing their business foundation, and ultimately help clients solve their challenges and create additional value.