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The Carlton James Diversified Alpha Fund invests in virtual AI customs technology company AiDock

AiDock’s revolutionary technology is pushing the boundaries of artificial intelligence with a virtual workforce that automates customs processes, saving valuable time in an industry set to see parcel volumes double globally to $266bn by 2026. Investment in problem solving technology is an integral part of the Carlton James Diversified Alpha Fund Strategy.

The Carlton James Group, an investment management group specialising in recession resistant portfolios and venture debt, is proud to announce its flagship fund has completed an equity investment into the innovation-driven Israeli founded Company, AiDock.

The AiDock story began in 2017 when CEO and Co-Founder Eddie Galantzan observed a customs brokerage firm operating on a typical day, with endless printed paperwork, stacked files, and piles of folders highlighting a major issue in the shipping and logistics industry. In both small and large companies around the world, costly inefficiencies in the customs process showed that there was a need for an effective solution in a rapidly growing market.

AiDock has developed a solution that provides this important industry with a virtual artificial intelligence workforce that helps automate and streamline these repetitive and time-heavy tasks across global operations. Thanks to this advanced AI technology, courier companies, freight forwarders, postal services, and customs authorities can reduce the supply-chain paperwork and improve results by entering the new era of artificial intelligence, freeing up valuable time for their human workforce.

This revolutionary use of technology has already seen AiDock receive funding and contracts from some of the world’s leading parcel and global logistics and freight providers, including UPS, SGS, and others.

“AiDock’s mission is to empower people and businesses. Our first focus has been on rewriting the global customs operations playbook, utilising machine learning and AI to modernise, automate and rewire the logistics & supply chain industries. We are very proud to team up with the Carlton James Group, investor partners who not only share our vision of symbiosis between humans and machines with conviction, but already see it as a reality. We’re thrilled to start working together to make this happen at scale.”

Eddie Galantzan, CEO and Co-Founder