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StoryFit Partners with MediaXchange, Expands Global Footprint

Bringing StoryFit’s groundbreaking AI story analytics to UK, Europe, and Canada with September speaking engagements at Content Canada, Content London, and Oslo’s Series Days. 

StoryFit, a rapid-growth AI technology company providing machine learning and predictive audience insights for the entertainment industry, today announced a new partnership with international media consulting agency, MediaXchange. Their widespread expertise and resources will support StoryFit’s continued push to expand its European client base, which has continued to grow following a successful appearance at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival.

“We have always prided ourselves in being ahead of the curve and giving our clients the advantage of keeping abreast of trends that will impact their business,” says Katrina Wood, Founder and CEO of MediaXchange. “AI is a huge new trend affecting the industry, and our partnership with StoryFit provides the inside track on its application to the assessment of scripts thereby improving the quality and acceleration of development.”

MediaXchange’s roster of clients encompasses studios and networks, creative and business executives, writers and developers, financiers and filmmakers, and is at the forefront of all things entertainment in the international marketplace.

This partnership will allow StoryFit to better connect with global entertainment firms already eager to utilize AI tools that enable creators to produce new work. As the global market continues to grow at an unprecedented rate for film and television, so does the need to create a wide range of global content audiences love.

“We’re seeing a real energy towards trying to adopt these new tools from an international standpoint,” says Monica Landers, Founder and CEO at StoryFit. “Many entertainment professionals have expressed their interest in StoryFit’s ability to address development issues early on to support the efficiency and economic growth of their content.”

Landers will be speaking at several upcoming international markets and conferences until the end of the year to share StoryFit’s tools aimed at enhancing storytelling.

At Content Canada, during TIFF, Landers will be speaking specifically about AI & Entertainment alongside other key media executives who will discuss the future role this technology will play in content creation, storytelling, and production. Landers is also set to present at Oslo Series Days, a long established Nordic television event dedicated to insightful sessions, workshops, and exclusive screenings.

Content London, the world’s leading development market and conference that brings together more than 3,000 leading entertainment executives from all over the world, also invited Landers to be a guest speaker this November. The “Prompt Start” discussion will focus specifically on how AI is set to change the content business landscape and what media will look like as a result in the next several years.

“Our shared goal with this new partnership is to empower the global entertainment industry with innovative AI tools that all creators can utilize, increasing opportunities for new storytellers to bring their ideas to life and successfully engage with American audiences,” says Landers. “Working across global markets furthers our broader goal of building the future of entertainment.”