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Snappy Launches AI Gifting Assistant, Further Elevating and Personalizing the Gifting Experience for Gift Givers and Recipients

Snappy’s award-winning personal gifting platform’s new AI tool embraces personalization, allowing users to seamlessly send the perfect collection of gift options to express gratitude, love, appreciation, and care

Snappy’s latest innovation offers tailor-made gift recommendations, time-saving convenience, and, most importantly, the perfect gift for every recipient

Snappy, the all-in-one gifting company taking the guesswork out of gifting, has launched its latest innovation, an AI Gifting Assistant. Snappy has long been dedicated to taking the stress and guesswork out of the gift-giving experience by offering easy-to-use technology that allows gift senders to show gratitude and appreciation while empowering recipients to choose the perfect gift. Now, Snappy is further elevating personalization, convenience, and joy with new technology that leverages AI along with the company’s proprietary data, expert curations, and gift collection partnerships.

Snappy’s AI Gifting Assistant, currently available on the company’s personal gifting platform, will soon be expanded to the company’s B2B platform as well. These new solutions further signify Snappy’s commitment to enhancing and improving the gifting experience at every touchpoint for senders and recipients.

With just a few clicks and simple directives, the AI Gifting Assistant harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to personalize the gifting process by providing a curated collection of gift options that perfectly captures the interests and hobbies of a gift recipient, all while staying within the gift giver’s pre-selected budget parameters. Snappy’s “recipient picks” experience, allows the gift recipient to choose their gift from a collection that was customized to their preferences and interests, as well as the occasion (e.g. “A dad in his 60s who loves hiking, music, and cooking” or “I need gifts for my friend’s 27th birthday. She loves travel, beauty, and tech”).

Snappy’s AI Gifting Assistant is powered by a combination of OpenAI’s GPT, industry-leading insights from Snappy’s in-house curation experts, and the company’s one-of-a-kind gifting algorithm. With more than 3 million delighted gift recipients worldwide, Snappy is committed to personalization to ensure that the perfect gift collection is shared every time, on every occasion.

“We’re thrilled to introduce our AI Gifting Assistant tool, making it even easier for people to express their love, gratitude, and appreciation through the power of gifting,” said Hani Goldstein, Snappy’s co-founder, and CEO. “We’re proud to release this innovative technology to further personalize the process of gifting, unlocking new possibilities for joyful, heartfelt, and meaningful gifting experiences for gift givers and their recipients. There are so many possibilities for how we can use AI and we are excited to create future opportunities to use this new technology to create more moments for gratitude.”