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Smartling Unveils AI Translation Toolkit for Enhanced Translation Workflows

Smartling Unveils AI Translation Toolkit for Enhanced Translation Workflows
Smartling announces the launch of AI Translation Toolkit

New solution is a powerful productivity tool that delivers savings, speed, and quality from translators.

Smartling announces the AI Translation Toolkit, a breakthrough end-to-end AI augmentation product for translation workflows. This innovative solution aims to enhance translation quality, reduce costs, and accelerate turnaround times, aligning with the global focus on AI strategies.

  1. Purpose and Benefits of AI Translation Toolkit:
    • Addresses the increasing demand for AI-driven translation solutions.
    • Empowers customers to access cutting-edge AI features.
    • Drives improvements in quality, cost, and speed of translation workflows.
    • Enables similar outcomes to Smartling’s own AI-powered Human Translation (AIHT).
  2. Comprehensive Features:
    • Integration of essential capabilities into a single solution.
    • Facilitates outcomes comparable to Smartling’s AIHT.
    • Suitable for customers using their own translators or language service providers.
    • Simplifies purchasing and implementation processes.
  3. Key Features and Functionality:
    • AI Translation Memory: Utilizes LLMs to enhance translation memory leverage, reducing costs and time.
    • AI Glossary Term Insertion: Ensures contextual fit and grammatical correctness, improving quality and efficiency.
    • Edit Effort Estimation: Assesses editing effort per string, categorizing strings for efficient routing and decision-making.
    • Proven results: Delivers human-level quality at half the cost and double the speed of traditional human translation.
  4. Customer Benefits and Future Innovations:
    • Enables significant cost savings and speed improvements.
    • Investments in the future of translation technology.
    • Smartling’s commitment to ongoing innovation and enhancement of AI Translation Toolkit features.
  5. CEO’s Perspective:
    • Bryan Murphy highlights the significance of the AI Translation Toolkit in advancing Smartling’s strategy.
    • Emphasizes the empowerment of customers to achieve better translation outcomes and expand global reach efficiently.

Smartling’s AI Translation Toolkit represents a milestone in translation technology, offering customers a comprehensive solution to enhance their translation workflows. With its advanced AI features and proven results, organizations can achieve significant improvements in quality, cost-effectiveness, and speed, positioning them for success in the evolving landscape of global communication.