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Senkron.Energy’s OnePact Will Empower Sustainable Energy Generation in Extended Collaboration with Microsoft

Senkron.Energy Digital Services’ customer Enerjisa Üretim and Microsoft today signed an agreement to drive innovation and sustainability across the renewable energy generation sector in EuropeMiddle East, and Africa (EMEA).  Signed at the 28th edition of the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28), in Dubai, UAE, Enerjisa Üretim and Microsoft are collaborating to leverage the potential of cutting-edge technologies including Artificial Intelligence, GenAI, Copilot, Microsoft Sustainability Manager, Dynamics Assets Management, Managed IT and OT Security. The collaboration is based on the technologies provided by Senkron Energy Digital Services’ offerings, services, and operational models, which will also be positioned to the market with Microsoft.

As part of the agreement, Enerjisa Üretim is partnering with Microsoft as the preferred technology and go –to–market partner for AI Powered Renewable Energy Generation on Senkron.Energy’s platforms. The partnership will bring Senkron.Energy’s new technologies to market and unlock new business models and revenue streams, leveraging parties’ strengths in industry and technology.

Enerjisa Üretim manages a diverse portfolio of power generation sources, aiming to reach 5000 MWs of capacity with 59% renewable ratio by 2026. While equipping existing and new capacity with AI powered productivity, maintenance and digital power plant management including OT security, Enerjisa Üretim will be commercializing these know-how for energy customers through Senkron Energy Digital Services for a more sustainable and greener future at scale. Senkron.Energy Digital Services is a digital born service company, headquartered in Netherlands, to take an active role in the global transformation of the energy sector, especially for renewable energy resources.

The collaboration also involves a new generative AI-based application “OnePact AI” to improve efficiencies in renewable energy production, as well as leveraging the collective power of industry know-how and technologies for the empowerment of renewable energy companies.

Senkron.Energy’s OnePact AI uses Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI Service to access and analyze IoT data collected from 40000 datapoints, combined and correlated with operational data, to significantly increase operational efficiencies across Enerjisa Üretim’s 20+ power plants. With “OnePact AI”, users can chat directly with big data for energy operations. It leverages Senkron Energy’s digital skills and Enerjisa Üretim’s energy expertise to deliver tailor-made solutions for the energy sector on Microsoft Azure. It improves efficiency in demand and supply management, digital power plant management and maintenance.

Companies also signed an agreement to create an Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) data estate to enable companies to make data-driven decisions to decrease their emissions, further enhancing AI powered sustainable energy production and carbon trading.

Sabancı Holding Energy Group President Kıvanç Zaimler said about the cooperation: “As Enerjisa Üretim, we have had collaborations and joint efforts with Microsoft in different fields for a long time. With our Digital Enerjisa Üretim vision and our position as a producer rather than a consumer of technology, this strategic collaboration opens the doors to a new era in the energy sector.”

Enerjisa Üretim CEO İhsan Erbil Bayçöl added: ”OnePact AI is a big step we have taken towards building a sustainable energy future with GenAI supported solutions, positioning us as a global player in our digital business beyond the borders of Türkiye. In the energy sector, increasing operational efficiency is very important for optimizing energy production models and managing sustainable energy resources. GenAI supported solutions in matters such as energy management, demand and production forecasting, maintenance and anomaly detection will play an innovative role in overcoming the challenges faced by the industry. Senkron Energy Digital Services has accomplished a great deal in a short time by combining its knowledge in the energy sector with its technical skills on the Microsoft Cloud. This application will accelerate the digital transformation in the sector and open the door to new collaborations and opportunities for all stakeholders.”

Ralph Haupter, President, Microsoft Europe, Middle East and Africa, commented: “Climate change is the defining issue of our generation, and addressing it requires swift, collective action and technical innovation. At Microsoft, we are committed to meeting our own sustainability goals and enabling others to do the same by accelerating progress through AI-enabled solutions. Strengthening our partnership with Enerjisa Üretim on the sidelines at COP28 is testament to our commitment to harnessing AI to help drive sustainable renewable energy generation.”

Microsoft Türkiye General Manager Levent Özbilgin said: “We are proud to reinforce our collaboration with Enerjisa Üretim and support their sustainability focused green growth vision, bringing AI-powered renewable energy solutions to organizations in Türkiye and beyond.  I believe that this partnership, which leverages the power of cloud and AI, Microsoft Sustainability Manager, end-to-end IT and OT security, plays a key role in defining the highest standards of execution in the energy industry. As Microsoft, we are truly dedicated to impacting our customers and society through our AI platform and services.”