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Semantix Relaunches its Global Partnership Program

Semantix, a leading Latin American end-to-end data and enterprise AI platform provider (“Semantix”), today announced the relaunch of its global partnership program, Semantix Partner Community, designed to empower businesses and drive growth. The program will build on the success of the company’s existing partnerships and expand its reach to new markets and regions.

With 70 existing partners already on board, Semantix is well positioned to lead the way in delivering value to its customers through innovative and strategic partnerships. The new program will categorize partners into four groups, each with different approaches and benefits.

“Our new partnership program will be a significant lever in scaling our business and helping our customers reach new heights,” said Leonardo Santos, CEO of Semantix. “With our defined partner categories, we will be able to provide tailored benefits and work more closely with each of our partners. This program is a win-win for all parties involved and we look forward to seeing the benefits it brings to our customers.”

Semantix Partner Community’s categories are Semantix Partner, Sales Partner, Implementation Partner, and Independent Software Vendor.

Semantix Partner: Entry-level category, through which newer partners can gain access to our technology, sales and technical collateral, as well as refer new business to Semantix.

Sales Partner: Allows partners to execute the complete sales process for Semantix solutions, from opportunity and discovery to pre-sales and billing. Semantix will create Sales Partner levels (e.g. Bronze, Silver, and Gold) granting different benefits, based on tiered requirements.

Implementation Partner: Allows partners to demonstrate to the market that they have been certified by Semantix and are able to deploy our different solutions. Semantix will only recommend certified partners to customers for project delivery on our platforms.

Independent Software Vendor (ISV): ISV partners are able to provide intellectual property through our platforms. Initially, this partner tier is intended for companies that want to provide data (Data Provider) or algorithms (Intelligence Provider) in our Marketplace, but in the future may be expanded to accommodate partners who want to develop complete solutions on the SDP or embed modules of our products.

Additional benefits of the Semantix Partnership Program include sales and service scalability, increased market penetration, geographic expansion and a reduction in operational costs.