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PromoAI Copilot Accelerates Social Video Ideation, Creation and Publication with Promo.com’s Proprietary Generative AI

Creates a month’s worth of fully branded, social media videos in an instant with commercially safe, impactful content from Getty Images

All-in-one platform streamlines video creation, planning, scheduling and posting, from $59 per month

Real-time chat-based editing and built-in publishing features

Promo.com, the only end-to-end generative AI platform for social video, today announces the launch of PromoAI Creative Copilot, combining the power of an ultra-fast AI-powered creative engine and chat-based editor in a unified solution for businesses looking to produce affordable and engaging social video content. Saving significant costs and labor hours, PromoAI Copilot offers ultra-fast and intelligent ideation, professional-quality high resolution videos and automated scheduling across social platforms.

“For companies of all sizes, PromoAI Copilot represents a giant leap forward in social media marketing. The platform almost instantly delivers a compelling, video-centered social media strategy for businesses, delivering thousands of dollars worth of value,” says Tom More, CEO of Promo.com “Our Copilot evens the playing field for small business owners to compete against bigger brands across these promotional channels, and vastly increases productivity when compared to creating social videos manually.”

PromoAI Copilot learns a company’s branding by simply entering the url and within minutes, a month’s worth of customized, high-quality videos are created, drawing on Getty Images’ 275M stock library. The videos can be easily edited in real-time via chat-based AI requests to swap out content, change music, style, colors, caption, language and fonts and much more. Videos can then be scheduled with an intuitive planner and automatically published across various social channels or saved to shared folders:

“This is a great example of what can be achieved when you combine amazing visuals, innovative technology, and the unique talents of individuals,” said Grant Farhal, Chief Product Officer, Getty Images. “Promo’s innovative AI platform empowers their users to create imaginative content, leveraging Getty Images’ creative visuals, in a manner that is efficient and safe commercially. We are excited to see how Promo’s customers use this new tool in their creative workflows.”

Scott Brinker, VP of platform ecosystem at Hubspot added “I’m excited about the integration of Promo with HubSpot, enabling our customers to generate high-quality videos with PromoAI Copilot and instantly plug them into HubSpot. We’re seeing more and more small and mid-sized businesses utilize video in social, and Promo is a great tool to help them do that.”

Key Features of PromoAI Copilot:

  • Ultra-Fast Generative AI 
    • Create a month of social content in minutes: Generates 30 videos in a calendar format and content for each post.
    • Introduces inventive themes and applies key holidays
  • Real-Time Chat-Based Editor
    • Edit videos in real-time with an AI copilot via a chat-based editor for instant changes.
    • Copy & creative, simplified suggested scripts, captions, design & music
  • All-in-One Platform: 
    • Automatically optimize, schedule and publish to social media.
    • Integrates with Meta, X.com formerly Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, HubSpot, YouTube, Wistia, LinkedIn, Google Drive and DropBox