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Powerfleet Launches AI-Powered Solution to Revolutionize Pedestrian Safety

The Pedestrian Proximity Detection offering meets growing demand to create safer workplaces worldwide

Powerfleet, Inc. today launched its next-generation Pedestrian Proximity Detection solution, an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered safety system that proactively prevents accidents, bolsters pedestrian safety, and mitigates damage to material handling equipment (MHE) within warehouses and manufacturing facilities. Using AI-led object detection, the solution identifies people and MHE in its path, provides visual and audio alerts of potential hazards, and fosters an enhanced safety culture.

Warehouses and distribution centers have seen a tremendous increase in labor over the past decade with more than 1.9 million workers now employed in these facilities, creating a surge in demand for safety solutions. The risk of injury and safety standard violations has also increased – with those involving contact with an object or equipment among the most frequently violated standards. Associated costs and damage to brand reputation has resulted in companies around the world rethinking their safety cultures.

Powerfleet is helping its customers face these challenges head on and has experienced 57% subscriber growth for its safety solutions in North America since 2020. Powerfleet technology is fueling safety innovation – going beyond current protection strategies such as special apparel or wearable tags – and using a more universal, reliable, and advanced approach. With enhanced visibility to avoid common safety blind spots, and access to quantifiable analytics for coaching best practices, drivers and pedestrians will now be better equipped for workplace operations, progressing Powerfleet’s mission of improving safety for all.

“The safety of pedestrians, drivers, and equipment remains our top priority, and Powerfleet is dedicated to providing mission-critical solutions that empower our customers to create safer workplaces throughout the world,” said Steve Towe, Chief Executive Officer at Powerfleet. “The Pedestrian Proximity Detection system offers a broad array of business-improvement capabilities designed to increase pedestrian and MHE safety. Arming organizations with this solution allows them to take critical action to reduce liability and protect their most valuable assets, their people.”

With an immediate Return on Investment (ROI), leveraging the use of this AI-powered solution helps prevent and significantly reduce costly accidents. With capabilities such as triggering speed and access control, detection of high-risk areas by identifying near-miss events and driver coaching, the Pedestrian Proximity Detection offering revolutionizes how Powerfleet approaches safety in the market.

“It’s imperative that businesses adapt and integrate new technologies to prevent irreparable damage to employees, valuable resources, and brand image,” said Jim Zeitunian, Chief Technology Officer at Powerfleet. “Powerfleet continues to expand our AI-led platform and advanced data capabilities to promote safer workplaces. Through the Pedestrian Proximity Detection system, we’re able to provide unmatched visibility and crucial event analysis to enhance experiences for operators and pedestrians alike.”

The solution includes up to three vehicle-powered cameras equipped with embedded AI to identify objects in the vicinity of the vehicle. It also features front and rear indicator lights that emit audible and visual warnings when objects breach the vehicle path. A central wiring box powers the cameras and connects inputs and outputs for zone detection, and when linked to Powerfleet’s Forklift Gateway (VAC), camera outputs capture specific event details like breach location, time and driver identification for a more in-depth analysis of events.