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Plative makes significant investment to expand and scale AI and analytics practice

Investment underscores the company’s mission to deliver practical and impactful solutions to companies of all sizes.

Today Plative announced its plans to invest a significant amount of the company’s profits over the next 5 years to expand and scale its AI and analytics practice to further invest in the creation of “Actually Impactful” generative artificial intelligence solutions for its clients. Plative will bring to market a new breed of solutions focused on functional, impactful and already existing practical applications of AI that are informed by a company’s existing datasets from the likes of CRM, ERP, Cloud Data Warehouse, and BI platforms.

“Every single conversation we’re having with our customers’ executives touches on what real, practical and tangible AI solutions are available to them today that can generate cost savings, expanded customer-facing capabilities, or increased revenue retention in a secure and scalable manner.” Says Paulo Kaiser, CEO of Plative. “Our increased investment in AI will be focused on bringing to market  the practical, powerful, and secure solutions and accelerators that  we’ve already developed for ourselves and select innovative customers.”

Plative has implemented several secure and customized AI solutions  natively in Salesforce, NetSuite and Slack utilizing OpenAI, Anthropic and Cohere, as well as other AI-related technologies. The company will initially continue its focus on developing and packaging practical IP and accelerators that proactively serve up information from a customers’ CRM, ERP, cloud data warehouses, and internal wikis to enable organizations to empower their people with business insights and interact with data in more natural ways.

Immediately available to clients are accelerators and solutions  that can generate automated customer meeting/interaction summaries, customer sentiment reports, AI powered company briefings, natural language Q&A with a company’s content library, plain english querying of business intelligence platforms, and more.

In parallel, Plative will continue to bolster and optimize its existing industry-leading practice areas in Salesforce.com and Oracle NetSuite to continue developing AI-enabled solutions that complement both platforms.