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Paragon Honda Yields $370,214 from 586 Completed Recall Orders in One Month with Konect.ai

Konect.ai, a leading provider of SMS-based solutions, worked with Paragon Honda, a dealership serving communities in Queens, New York, to re-engage with past customers through a recall order campaign, bringing in over $370,000 in ROI in one month’s time.

The dealership needed to efficiently target 12,490 customers regarding a recall, while ensuring each customer received the necessary information and round-the-clock support. But they decided to go one step further and convert these recall interactions into potential sales and service appointments, optimizing revenue while maintaining customer satisfaction.

Paragon used Konect.ai’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution to engage thousands of customers about the recall, leading to the scheduling of 65 appointments in a short time frame and a total of 586 recall orders. The 586 completed recall orders, assisted by Konect.ai, averaged an additional customer pay (CP) of $214 per customer. Customers frequently opted for additional services during their recall appointments, resulting in an average of 2.8-line items per recall order.

“Konect.ai allows us to speak to the masses easier with immediate responses, which take[s] pressure off the BDC,” said Murat Deljanin, Variable Operations Director at Paragon Honda.

“Paragon’s success clearly shows that the early adopters who are using AI in the correct way are seeing massive results, not just from customer engagement and satisfaction measures, but in direct results to their bottom line,” said Konect.ai CEO Cole Kutschinski. “Who wouldn’t like $300,000 more added to their monthly revenue? That is the power of AI.”