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Ozone Secures $7.1 Million in Funding to Transform Video Editing Workflows

Ozone, an AI-driven pioneer in the next generation of video editing technology, today announced that it raised $7.1 million in funding and has publicly launched its cloud-based video editing platform. Investors include Y Combinator, NEA, General Catalyst, LGVP, Bluewatch Ventures, Polymath Capital Partners, Pioneer Fund, SOMA Capital, and Olive Tree Capital, as well as the founders of Dropbox, Tinder, and Lightricks. This funding round propels Ozone into the next phase of its journey, empowering content creators with innovative AI-powered video editing tools and collaborative capabilities.

While video content creation has seen a meteoric rise over the past decade, video editing workflows have largely revolved around navigating complex user interfaces, stitching together disparate tools, and dealing with painfully slow download and upload times.

“Today, creators often find themselves using outdated tools like Adobe’s Premiere Pro, which can be challenging to use, or web-based platforms like Canva, which have limited editing capabilities,” says Max von Wolff, founder and CEO of Ozone. “As a result, creators and their teams spend too much time on tedious editing and not enough time on the creative aspects of content generation.”

Ozone is building the first platform to bring all of this under one roof. By focusing on simplifying video editing workflows, Ozone offers a platform to give creators the means to work more efficiently and creatively. Powered by proprietary context-aware AI and next-gen cloud video streaming technology, Ozone is giving creators tools that work with them – not against them.

“When we saw the initial product demo from Max, we realized it was a technical feat to be able to handle editing of rich video content seamlessly in a web app with multiple editors collaborating at once,” says Jonathan Golden, Partner at NEA. “We think Ozone is well-poised to redefine the creative tooling space with the help of AI and we could not be more excited to partner with the team.”

Ozone’s vision goes beyond just another video editing platform; the aim is to usher in a new era of content creation, where storytelling and context-sensitive AI workflows intersect. This recent funding round underscores the belief in Ozone’s potential to usher in a new era of content creation.

With this funding, Ozone is poised to take bold steps toward realizing this vision. The capital injection will be instrumental in further developing our AI capabilities, expanding our collaborative features, and enhancing the overall user experience. Ozone is committed to refining their platform to offer creators a seamless, efficient, and innovative video editing solution that empowers creators to focus on their creativity rather than the technicalities of the editing process. By investing in research and development, Ozone will continue to explore cutting-edge AI technologies, ensuring that our platform remains at the forefront of the content creation revolution.