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OneTrust Enhancements Accelerate AI Adoption, Enable Responsible Data Use, and Automate Compliance

Latest platform release includes new AI Governance capabilities, a powerful data policy engine, and intelligence and automation to streamline compliance

OneTrust, the market-defining leader for trust intelligence, today announced its newest platform features that make it easier for customers to govern their use of artificial intelligence (AI) and accelerate AI innovation, ensure the responsible use of data across the entire data lifecycle, and achieve compliance program efficiency through enhanced automation and intelligence.

“Today organizations are navigating the challenging complexities of being in a data-centric world amplified by AI advancements, the exponential growth of data, and the shift toward first-party data strategies,” remarked Blake Brannon, Chief Product and Strategy Officer at OneTrust. “The challenge is not only managing this deluge of data, but doing so in a way that maintains privacy and security, respects personal user consent, and ultimately builds trust to continue capturing and using the data. OneTrust is at the forefront, offering cutting-edge solutions that empower organizations to do more than meet compliance requirements. With our platform, they can leverage their data responsibly, foster innovation, and scale their trust programs effectively.”

OneTrust’s latest innovations help organizations to:

  • Go beyond compliance: Unlock productivity through automation while meeting and exceeding regulatory obligations.
  • Action data responsibly: Know and activate your data to automate decision-making, collaboration, and the responsible use of data.
  • Surface and mitigate risk: Understand and mitigate the threats to your business, both internally and   externally.
  • Build and scale your trust programs: Drive trusted outcomes through a single pane of glass, now and in the future.

Major platform updates include:

  • New AI Governance Automation Rules: Trigger actions or flag risk automatically with streamlined AI governance by creating rules based on different conditions like attributes or workflow stages. Tailor rules to specific requirements without needing help from a developer to promote efficiency, consistency, and flexibility.
  • Integrations with AWS SageMaker, AzureML, and Google Vertex for AI Governance: New integrations save time and eliminate manual data by automatically syncing information for models to OneTrust. These easy-to-use integrations help organizations to maintain up-to-date information for models and foster collaboration across technical and oversight stakeholders.
  • AI Risk Assessments in AI Governance: Understand compliance requirements and controls across various AI risk management frameworks (OECD, ALTAI, UK ICO, NIST AI RMF), identify resource gaps, and initiate building an early-stage AI governance program. Use the Intake Assessment to capture business and technical context during project ideation, and classify according to the EU AI Act risk levels. Gain a holistic view of each AI system’s risk, including the risk stemming from underlying machine learning (ML) models and data used in the system.
  • New and Improved DataGuidanceTM Experience: As the data privacy landscape gets more complex, OneTrust has redesigned the DataGuidance TM experience, making it easier than ever to stay up to date on the latest regulatory intelligence. A newly integrated, AI-powered OneTrust Copilot empowers teams with real-time answers to their toughest regulatory questions. Uncover insights faster with Smart Search.
  • New Data Policy Engine in Data Discovery: Security and privacy teams need to be able to quickly identify violations and remediate them to prevent data misuse, breaches, and loss. Rules-based data policies automatically flag violations based on data discovery scans, giving visibility into data risk that should be remediated. Task-based and automated actions can be auto-triggered to remediate violations. Targeted re-scanning confirms that remediation actions have occurred and violation has been resolved. Trendline reporting shows violations over time, enabling better understanding and executive reporting of data risk posture.
  • Unified Consent Profiles for Known Users in Universal Consent & Preference Management (UCPM): Gain a 360-degree view of individuals to create more value from consented data, ensuring you’re respecting users and being compliant by updating preferences from every touchpoint to govern action. New capabilities allow customers to document cookie receipts for identified data subjects and trigger integration workflows to send identified opt-outs to downstream systems.
  • HackNotice Breach Notifications in OneTrust’s Third-Party Risk Exchange: Through an integration with HackNotice, Exchange users will now be immediately notified when one of their connected vendors has new breach information.
  • Enhanced Due Diligence for Third-Party Due Diligence: Gain insight into higher risk third parties with enhanced due diligence screenings across financial risks, reputational risks, regulatory risks, and more.
  • Disclosure Questionnaire Defensibility in Ethics Program Management: Ensure accurate and audit-ready disclosure management as part of the questionnaire process through a guided experience that directs employees to review previously submitted disclosures and any net new questions.
  • New Workspaces Navigation in Platform: A re-imagined user experience improves findability through powerful new search functionality. New side navigations enhance usability by simplifying user journeys.