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Nativo Unveils Its ContentAI Suite, Improving Branded Content Campaign Performance Via Generative AI

New Tools Enable Advertisers and Publishers to Captivate Audiences, Increase Operational Efficiency, and Drive Higher Campaign ROI

Nativo, the storytelling platform where advertisers and publishers distribute brand stories at scale and gain unparalleled insights about their content, today unveiled its new ContentAI suite. This groundbreaking application of generative AI enables publishers and advertisers to launch brand content campaigns easily while decreasing costs and improving performance.

“The most challenging part of the customer journey for most marketers is the mid funnel— where people educate themselves by consuming content rather than ads,” said Justin Choi, Founder & CEO of Nativo. “Our application of generative AI is a huge leap forward in making brand-created content easier to execute, measure, and scale.”

The ContentAI suite elevates the branded content space by automating campaign creation through the following generative AI features:

  • Suggested Headlines: Enables advertisers and publishers to easily generate multiple creative headlines, applying different styles and tactics, at the click of a button.
  • Tone Control for Suggested Headlines: Allows users to refine headlines to convey a desired story and attitude aligned with campaign objectives and brand goals.
  • Suggested Preview Text: Generates high-impact preview text aligned with an advertiser’s desired tone and enables easy comparison of options.
  • Content Rephrase: Keeps native article content fresh by rephrasing existing content for additional impact; enables advertisers and publishers to rapidly move from draft versions to on-point messaging that aligns with an advertiser’s brand story.
  • Contextual Delivery Insights: Provides insights into the impact of context on campaign performance, removing the need for advertisers and publishers to look across multiple dimensions of data manually to understand outcomes.

“Generative AI, as we’ve incorporated it into our ContentAI suite, represents not only a revolutionary efficiency play, but also a substantial improvement in the test-and-learn process for marketers,” said Eugene Cherny, SVP of Product at Nativo. “ContentAI automates the best practices of content marketing and lowers the barrier to more impactful content and campaigns when it comes to branded content.”

The ContentAI suite is available to publishers, brands and agencies, and self-service customers of the Nativo platform