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Metric Insights integrates with AI to enable conversational BI discovery with the release of its BI Concierge

BI Concierge powered by AI, leveraging the power of LLM’s like GPT, helps analysts and business users answer their critical data questions by recommending the best assets based on its knowledge of an organization’s complete BI landscape.

Metric Insights, Inc. today introduced its BI Concierge powered by AI, the fastest and most effective way for analysts and business users to discover the right Business Intelligence (BI) assets to answer their questions. BI Concierge enables conversational discovery of reports and dashboards, providing the most accurate content recommendations based on knowledge of all BI across an organization. BI Concierge is an integral part of the Metric Insights Enterprise BI Portal, helping organizations drive maximum user engagement with BI.

Today, business users rely heavily on conversations with analysts to understand which reports and dashboards to use. Analysts, with a limited scope of knowledge about what exists, will do their best to make recommendations. Analysts also struggle with knowing which datasets exist, where they are used, or which they should use for their current analysis. These tasks take up the majority of time for analysts who should be working on high-value projects instead. For business users, leveraging BI is a frustrating and time-consuming experience.

“BI Portals have come a long way in helping organizations govern their BI and increase user engagement. By leveraging the game-changing power of Large Language Models like GPT-4, we’re able to help users even more by providing a concierge-like experience that quickly recommends the best content to answer their questions via the same type of conversations they’ve had previously with analysts,” said Marius Moscovici, Founder and CEO of Metric Insights. “We work with organizations that have very fragmented BI environments, with 10’000s of assets. Even with a centralized BI Search Engine, it’s overwhelming to find something if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for. A conversation with our BI Concierge quickly delivers users content suggestions that answer their needs.”