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MemryX Demos Production Ready AI Accelerator (MX3) During 2024 CES Show

Demos include showcasing the benefits of edge AI accelerators for intelligent video monitoring, next-gen AI PC computing, smart cities, and many more.

MemryX Inc. is announcing the availability of production level silicon of its cutting-edge AI Accelerator (MX3). MemryX is a pioneering startup specializing in accelerating artificial intelligence (AI) processing for edge devices. In less than 30 days after receiving production silicon from TSMC, MemryX will publicly showcase the ability to efficiently run hundreds of unaltered AI models at the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas from Jan 9 through Jan 12.

Live demonstrations include:

  • Multi-stream AI-enabled video management system (VMS) solution customizable to a broad range of real-world intelligent monitoring, surveillance, safety and analytical applications.
  • AI Powered PC (AIPC) establishing the value of using a MemryX discrete accelerated AI processor in a Windows based PC, alongside a traditional CPU and GPU.
  • Edge AI for accelerating Threat and Weapons Detection in Public Spaces in partnership with Cachengo’s Intelligent Edge platforms.
  • Real-time AI-enhanced avatar-based video which can be quickly integrated into a number of video conferencing applications such as remote collaboration, online education, and self-help applications.
  • Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) Detection in partnership with Edge Impulse’s IDE showcasing the entire flow of developing algorithms, optimizing AI models, and facilitating workflow and deployment.
  • AI-enhanced aerial informatics and robotics simulation (AirSim) demonstrating the performance improvement opportunities available by using AI acceleration hardware for this open-source simulation platform.
  • Generational Language Model showcasing a very small (<100M parameters) Gen AI language model running very efficiently using MemryX at-memory computing.
  • Smart city traffic management powered by advanced AI processing, making Edge Computing truly intelligent in partnership with Fracctal.

Meet the MemryX team during CES.
If your organization is interested in developing AI applications leveraging the MemryX AI accelerator (MX3) and MemryX’s partner ecosystem and is interested in meeting with MemryX’s leadership team, please email insights@memryx.com. You’re also invited to stop by our hospitality suite during CES at the Palazzo Hotel to say hello to the MemryX team and enjoy some refreshments.