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LatticeFlow Announces Intelligent Workflows for Eliminating AI Blind Spots

LatticeFlow, the next-generation AI platform for enabling enterprise teams to build performant, safe, and trustworthy AI at scale, is proud to announce Intelligent Workflows, to help machine learning engineers proactively rectify errors and ensure the reliability and robustness of AI model performance in production. This cutting-edge technology aims to revolutionize the AI industry by addressing one of the most critical challenges faced by machine learning engineers today.

With the proliferation of AI in business operations, the formidable task of seamlessly integrating high-performing AI models into real-world applications has grown increasingly critical. In particular, when dealing with large and complex datasets, ensuring production readiness for these models necessitates automation and a methodical approach to uncovering blind spots.

Dr. Pavol Bielik, CTO and Co-founder of LatticeFlow, stated, “A prominent concern voiced by our customers is the uncertainty surrounding where and how to detect issues during model failure before it is too late. Consequently, many organizations spend years grappling with the root causes of model failures. This is why we’ve engineered our Model Diagnostics tool, which guides machine learning engineers through a series of intelligent workflows to detect and access model blind spots, regardless of whether they use off-the-shelf AI models or custom architectures.”

Harnessing cutting-edge machine learning algorithms and tools, LatticeFlow’s systematic approach to eliminating model blind spots has helped many of its enterprise customers to scale the deployment of trustworthy AI models with greater confidence.

Rahul Kota, AI Lead at Athena AI, highlights the significance of LatticeFlow’s model diagnostics in enhancing their model evaluation process. He stated, “LatticeFlow’s unique model diagnostics capabilities enabled us to plug in our custom models with ease and discover hidden systematic errors. Fixing these errors resulted in 23% increased accuracy for some challenging classes in one of our models. Moreover, LatticeFlow’s workflows significantly expedited our process of checking annotation quality – yielding a 3x speed improvement.”

LatticeFlow’s AI platform is poised to make a substantial impact across a wide range of industries, including defense, manufacturing, healthcare, and more. By providing a systematic way to eliminate blind spots early in the AI development cycle, enterprise machine learning teams can accelerate the improvement of model performance and mitigate risks, thus leading to the development of a more responsible and trustworthy AI ecosystem.