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Lattice partners with NVIDIA to accelerate edge AI

Announces an integrated solution that combines low-power, low-latency Lattice FPGAs with the NVIDIA Orin platform to efficiently connect sensors to AI applications

At the Lattice Developers ConferenceLattice Semiconductor today introduced a new reference sensor attachment design to accelerate the development of cutting-edge AI applications using the NVIDIA Jetson Orin and IGX Orin platforms.

Based on energy-efficient Lattice FPGA circuitry and the NVIDIA Orin platform, the open-source reference board was designed to meet developer needs for connectivity to a wide range of sensors and interfaces, design scalability, and of low latency when designing high-performance edge AI applications for healthcare, robotics, and embedded vision. Lattice’s collaboration with NVIDIA is set to expand the open-source developer community by improving the efficiency of connecting sensors to edge AI compute applications.

“With AI technology at the forefront of transforming industries, including manufacturing, transportation, communications and medical tools, this collaboration will further accelerate this critical shift,” said Esam Elashmawi, Chief Strategy Officer and marketing, Lattice Semiconductor. “We are excited to work with NVIDIA to broaden the reach of our reference solutions, bringing greater innovation to our customers and our ecosystem, to help simplify and accelerate the adoption of edge AI applications.”

“With enterprises’ ever-growing demand for real-time information and AI-powered autonomous decision-making capabilities, more and more developers are connecting their various sensors to NVIDIA edge computing platforms,” explained Amit Goel, Director for managing NVIDIA’s integrated AI products. “This collaboration with Lattice will accelerate innovations in sensor processing and help simplify the deployment of edge-to-cloud AI applications.”

Lattice’s FPGA-based reference board is available today to priority access customers. Lattice plans to make the board and application examples available to a broader audience in the first half of 2024.