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KNIME Launches AI Learnathon to Help Users Build Custom AI-Powered Data Apps – No Coding Required

Virtual and in-person learning series helps users start working with and customizing AI-powered applications

KNIME, the software company focused on making working with data intuitive, is excited to announce the launch of its “AI Learnathon” series. The series includes hands-on hybrid events designed to empower any individual – regardless of their technical background – to build their own AI-powered data applications using KNIME’s AI extension and maximize the value of their data.

KNIME’s AI Learnathon series will enable virtual and in-person users to familiarize themselves with and unlock the full capabilities and value of KNIME Analytics Platform 5.1, which launched in July 2023. Participants will learn how to leverage the nodes within KNIME’s AI extension as a framework to build custom large language model (LLM) chatbots on a custom knowledge base. In addition to custom chat bots, participants will also learn:

  • An introduction to KNIME Analytics Platform 5.1: A comprehensive guide for beginners to navigate and utilize the platform effectively.
  • How to create a vector store from a corpus of documents and attached metadata.
  • Prompt engineering skills, gaining an understanding how to best tailor a custom chat model to answer specific queries using KNIME’s OpenAI integration.
  • How to add a user interface to control the KNIME workflow and build an accessible chatbot data application.
  • Steps to deploy the data app, making it available to authenticated users via a web browser.
  • An overview of KNIME’s other AI integrations including GPT4All, Hugging Face, Chroma, FAISS, and more.

The first three events will be both streamed and held live in three cities across Europe, with additional events to follow in the US.

  • November 23rd in Hamburg, Germany
  • November 30th in Nottingham, England
  • December 14th in Berlin, Germany
  • Additional AI Learnathons are planned for the U.S. in Q1 2024

“While AI cannot take over our jobs, it can make our work easier and faster,” says Rosaria Silipo, KNIME’s head of Evangelism. “The KNIME AI extension allows both experienced users and those new to genAI to learn to access and customize pre-existing AI models in record time.”

Participants interested in joining this timely learning experience – whether in-person or online – can register online via the KNIME Events webpage.