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Klue Unlocks Competitive Insights from Reviews with AI-Generated Strengths and Weaknesses

AI-powered release sifts through thousands of customer reviews to surface competitor strengths and weaknesses

Klue, the premiere Competitive Enablement platform, has released a new revolutionary AI-powered product feature to instantly uncover competitors’ strengths and weaknesses. The new feature, called AI-Generated Strengths and Weaknesses, analyzes and automatically categorizes thousands of customer reviews from different online platforms saving Klue users countless hours of manual work.

The Vancouver-based startup has leveraged the power of AI since its inception in 2015, using advanced algorithms to intelligently collect and sort publicly available competitive intelligence. Now, with the explosive growth and relevance of generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) and large language models (LLMs), Klue has doubled down on its AI innovation to unlock efficiencies for its customers.

“The fact that customer review sites are a treasure trove of competitive intel is nothing new. But the painstaking manual work required to surface valuable insights from those reviews make the task untenable,” says Klue Co-Founder and CEO Jason Smith, “Beyond time savings, ‘AI-Generated Strengths and Weaknesses’ automatically uncovers weaknesses in positive reviews and strengths in negative reviews that get missed by other review aggregation products.”

AI-Generated Strengths and Weaknesses automatically sources data from review websites like G2, Capterra, TrustRadius, Gartner Peer Insights, Peerspot, Product Hunt, Software Advice, TrustPilot, Glassdoor, and Indeed.

Assessing a competitor’s strengths and weaknesses is often the baseline level of competitive analysis for any company serious about leveraging competitive intelligence to beat the competition. Klue users will now be able to do this foundational work in a fraction of the time as non-Klue users.

“We’re excited to lead the way in AI innovation in the competitive intelligence and enablement space. This is just the beginning in a series of critical insight modules we’re building to pull in different forms and types of information, analyze and generate the insights,” says Tamara Schebel, VP of Product at Klue. “Competitive intelligence and product marketing teams need to keep their companies up to date on the market — and arm them to be effective in competitive deals and renewals. Our new feature unlocks the power of GenAI to make it happen.”

This new feature builds on top of the existing AI-based functionality in the Klue platform:

  • Alerts Summarization – Accelerate competitive analysis with AI-powered article summaries, adjustable my length and format.
  • Recommended Alerts – Klue learns what topics, competitors, and content types the user cares about to provide the most personalized, relevant intel first.
  • Noise Reduction – Klue filters out 90% of the noise, and then automatically tags and categorizes the remaining 10% of intel.
  • Review Insights – Klue instantly analyzes competitor reviews and identifies positive and negative themes.

AI-Generated Strengths and Weaknesses is now in early access and available to any Klue customers who qualify.