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Jasper partners with Google Workspace, Webflow, Make and Zapier to Bring On-Brand AI Content Across the Marketing Stack

Jasper integrates into existing workflows within Google Workspace, advancing Jasper’s mission to bring AI-powered content everywhere marketers work

Jasper, the leading AI copilot for marketing teams, today announced partnerships with Google WorkspaceWebflowZapier, and Make enabling marketers to create on-brand AI-assisted content in the places they work most. The new partnerships come at a time when marketers are eager to leverage AI as part of an omnichannel strategy but are concerned about how to best do so securely and in a way that upholds their brand identity. By integrating Jasper, these platforms can offer on-brand AI securely to their customers.

“There’s a huge curiosity about AI right now across industries, but in order for AI to truly be transformational for marketers, it has to fit into the way they work,” says Suhail Nimji, Head of Corporate Development and Partnerships at Jasper. “We approach partnerships with the goal of making it easier for marketers to bring AI into the fold as a true copilot on their strategy, harnessing the power of brand-specific AI content everywhere they work.”

Google Workspace
Jasper is now available as an add-on in the Google Workspace Marketplace, allowing users to leverage AI to create and improve content directly in Google Docs (available) and Google Sheets (coming soon). Users can use Jasper inside Google Workspace to develop content ideas quickly, create variations, repackage content for different formats and audiences, or bring a piece of content into their brand voice and style guide.

“Marketers rely on Google Workspace for all aspects of operations, from brainstorming to drafting content,” says Ava Malla, Director, Global Partnerships at Google Workspace. “New capabilities with Jasper will help our joint customers enhance their creative work with seamless, AI-driven tools.”

Webflow users can now access Jasper’s AI-assisted content development directly in its visual development platform, providing faster time to market and more personalized experiences, including adapting website copy for different audiences and languages. By connecting their Jasper account from Webflow’s Marketplace, users can harness AI to generate content or improve text on every page of the company’s website, while matching its brand voice.

“Creating ongoing, fresh content for a website is a time-consuming task, especially for companies catering to multiple audiences and markets,” says Shane Murphy-Reuter, Chief Marketing Officer at Webflow. “Webflow prides itself on its extensibility and flexibility, and marketers and creators are going to love the simplicity of Jasper’s AI-assisted content development. With the new Jasper App on the Webflow Marketplace, we are continuing to provide our creators and developers with the tools they need to build powerful sites in a visual canvas.”

iPaaS Integrations: Make and Zapier
Marketers rely on iPaaS solutions like Make and Zapier to easily automate repetitive tasks and connect key platforms and channels in their strategies. By integrating with Make and Zapier, Jasper can now be leveraged across countless marketing use cases and thousands of marketing tools without the need for a heavy technical lift. Because of the power of no-code integrations through Make and Zapier, the options and combinations are endless:

  • Create product descriptions from an Airtable record
  • Run Jasper commands through Slack
  • Create blog posts from liked tweets and publish in Wordpress
  • Create help documentation from Jira issues or Zendesk tickets, and more.

Because Make and Zapier now seamlessly connect with Jasper, the resulting content will always be aligned with the company brand, style and security standards.

From Google to Make, all these integrations are all powered by Jasper’s API which is open for any company that wishes to bring Jasper directly into their platforms. End users can also use Jasper’s browser extensions to call up Jasper across websites and tools they don’t manage.