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Invoca Unveils Next-Generation Conversation Intelligence Boosted by Generative AI

AI pioneer and conversation intelligence leader Invoca announces new generative AI-powered features for marketing, e-commerce, and contact center teams to drive profitable revenue growth

New solutions build on Invoca’s proven history of providing actionable, trusted AI that helps consumer brands acquire more customers by improving digital advertising and contact center performance

 Invoca, a recognized leader in conversation intelligence AI, today unveiled new capabilities that leverage a combination of generative AI, large language models (LLMs), voice biometrics, and patented machine-learning technologies to help consumer brands acquire more customers and drive revenue growth. These updates unlock new, actionable insights from conversations that marketing, e-commerce, and contact center teams can use to drive efficiencies, deliver amazing customer experiences, and significantly improve conversion rates.

With generative AI and LLMs affecting two critical aspects of the customer experience – search engines and the contact center – Invoca empowers brands to stay ahead of the curve. Especially in challenging economic times, companies must deploy AI to drive tangible business impact. Invoca continues to embed cutting-edge AI technology in workflows to improve marketing ROI, increase contact center productivity, and drive profitable growth in industries like healthcare, automotive, financial services, telecom, and travel/hospitality. 

Today’s updates include a sophisticated mix of AI technologies, each chosen for its ability to solve specific business challenges and deliver superior ROI. These new features complement Invoca’s broad base of patented AI technology, first introduced in 2015 and represented today in Invoca’s flagship Signal AI offering, launched in 2017.

With Invoca’s new cutting-edge generative AI-powered features, consumer brands can drive revenue growth by powering digital advertising and contact center performance, tapping into a goldmine of insights from phone conversations, and supercharging contact center QA and agent coaching:

Powering Digital Advertising and Contact Center Performance with Actionable Insights

  • Rapid Custom AI Model Creation: Create custom algorithms faster than ever before to pinpoint unique, actionable insights from every phone conversation, such as the product a caller is interested in, if a qualified sales lead doesn’t make a purchase, or if an agent fails to qualify the caller or handle objections according to your specific call flow. Using semantic search modeled after ChatGPT, users are shown specific moments from relevant calls to review and, with a few clicks, create an algorithm to classify similar conversations in the future. This game-changing update reduces required training data by over 90% and provides a “no code” approach to building highly accurate custom algorithms trained on each business’s calls in less than 30 minutes of user review time.
  • AI Smart Alerting: Notify key personnel of mission-critical exceptions in contact center operations. Contact center managers can be alerted right away when call handling or compliance issues arise, and marketing teams can understand fast-moving topics of conversation with customers, such as pricing or competitive shifts and changes in conversion rates and campaign results.

Tapping Into a Goldmine of Insights From Phone Conversations 

  • ChatGPT Call Summaries: Get a succinct AI-generated call recap, highlighting the intent, interest, outcome, and flow of every conversation. Call summaries speed up quality assurance (QA) review, reduce manual post-call work for contact center agents, and help marketers get a deeper understanding of what’s happening when their campaign leads call in.
  • Structured Data Extraction: Improve agent post-call productivity and enrich consumer profiles by using AI-powered named entity recognition (NER) to identify and extract structured zero-party data – such as intricate product details– from unstructured conversations. For example, automotive dealerships, OEMs, and service centers can extract the vehicle year, make, and model discussed by a consumer and pass that data into lead management, CRM, and CDP applications for use in automated workflows.

Supercharging Contact Center QA and Agent Coaching 

  • Agent Voice ID: AI-based agent voice biometric technology automatically analyzes every conversation to identify the specific agent that handled each call. This is valuable for contact centers and a breakthrough for multi-location and franchise businesses where multiple staff members answer calls from one shared phone number. 
  • AI Call Review Console: Designed for contact center QA managers to speed up the call review and agent coaching process, the AI-powered call review console highlights calls for managers to review, facilitates coaching and feedback, and enables teams to create and share call playlists for compliance, auditing, and insight extraction.

“Since the introduction of Signal AI in 2017, Invoca has focused on providing innovative, no-code AI solutions that deliver measurable business results – for experts and ordinary business users alike,” said Gregg Johnson, CEO of Invoca. “In this next phase of AI adoption, we’re excited to combine generative AI and LLMs with our market-leading conversation intelligence technology to push the boundaries of what’s possible for marketing, e-commerce, and contact center teams in their quest to drive efficient revenue growth.”

Invoca’s award-winning AI has received multiple accolades. Opus Research named Invoca the Leader and Top Solution for Sales & Marketing in its 2022 Conversational Intelligence Intelliview. Forrester also named Invoca a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Conversation Intelligence: Sales And Marketing, Q4 2021, claiming “Invoca is one of the few established conversation intelligence vendors that can legitimately claim AI capabilities.” 

Since 2017, Invoca’s pioneering Signal AI offering has powered marketing decision-making and increased digital and phone call conversion rates at leading brands with clear and tangible results. Banner Health decreased overall patient acquisition costs by 74%, DIRECTV saw a 110% improvement in sales agent close rates, Renewal by Andersen increased contact center appointment rates by 47%, and Spectrum Retirement experienced a 20% reduction in resident turnover.