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Introducing Teleport Assist – The First Generative AI Chat Interface for Infrastructure Management

DevOps Teams Can Now Use AI to Chat with Cloud Environments

Teleport, the leading provider of identity-native infrastructure access management, today announced the availability of Teleport Assist, an AI-powered chat interface designed for DevOps teams to more quickly and easily troubleshoot infrastructure problems by chatting with their cloud environments.

Today’s modern cloud environments are vast and complex, consisting of thousands of servers and other cloud resources, including databases, Kubernetes clusters, monitoring, logging along with a multitude of other DevOps tools. Each of these resources have different interfaces, authentication processes and languages. This forces DevOps teams to look up and gather data to connect to various other resources or write scripts for automation, slowing down their ability to troubleshoot everyday problems that arise within complex cloud infrastructures.

Beginning with SSH and bash, DevOps teams can use Teleport Assist to verbally chat with their cloud environments. Specifically, engineers can ask questions and give instructions in English to massive fleets of servers. In future versions, all other cloud resources, such as SQL databases and Kubernetes clusters, will be added to Teleport Assist.

“Today’s DevOps teams have countless cloud resources to pay attention to, which can translate into mundane and repetitive work, and a higher likelihood of human error,” said Ev Kontsevoy, co-founder and CEO, Teleport. “We are using generative AI to help DevOps professionals do their job better and save time. Instead of writing bash and Ansible scripts, they can simply speak in English and Teleport Assist will translate it to the native language of the infrastructure components that are relevant to the query.”

With this new capability, DevOps teams can prompt Teleport Assist with questions about next steps and best practices, enabling them to carry out tasks quicker and more efficiently. Teleport Assist then converts these prompts into SSH and bash commands that can be used throughout an organization’s infrastructure.

Specific use cases include:

  • Troubleshooting common issues: Teleport Assist suggests commands and scripts based on an enterprise’s unique requirements to debug and resolve the most common issues plaguing infrastructures today;
  • Collect infrastructure details: By interpreting natural language, Teleport Assist quickly generates commands to help DevOps teams more easily manage and access their cloud infrastructure; and,
  • Run generated commands: Generated commands are executed after they have been reviewed and verified by a human user to ensure incorrect responses are not run through the system.